The King of Shambhala

The King of Shambhala - "through a strange, improbable lens"

"I’m Jesus, Messiah. The following is a conversation I had at BIN, which proves beyond any possible doubt that I’m Jesus, the Messiah. I’m the Messiah for all faiths, the full gamut, from Buddhists in Asia, to Christians in the West; and this explains how, why and in what way."
Geir Smith, November 2012

This is a record of the bizarre predictions and claims made by Geir Smith, the self-styled "King of Shambhala" and "Rudra Chakrin", on the beforeitsnews website and others. Smith professes to believe that Obama is the Biblical antichrist because the number "666" was drawn in the president's home state lottery the day after the 2008 election. Because Smith is only able to find a few people still writing seriously about the lottery result, years later, he takes this as proof that he is the "Messiah" and the only person who can stop the Antichrist Obama.

Smith couches all of this in terms of the "apocalypse", and spent much of 2010 through 2012 predicting the end of the world, apparently literally, although it's unclear how much this was simply a metaphor for his fantasising about Obama being impeached or executed. He later began to announce that being "King of Shambhala" made him the Messiah of his own Buddhist religion, and also the Messiah of all other religions, including those he doesn't believe in, such as Christianity. (Yes, although he uses the Bible to "prove" that Obama the Antichrist, and refers to him as Satan, Smith does not follow Christianity and rejects both God and the Bible.) In 2013 Smith openly declared that "I'm Jesus Second Coming".

Smith has made many prophecies of the Biblical apocalpse, his biggest (that we have observed) being for a definite end to the world on 11 September 2010, after which he went quiet for three months and came back under a different username. In March 2011 he made the same prediction, and was wrong again, and Geir Smith went on to predict at least six apocalypses during 2012, culminating with full backing for the so-called Mayan prophecy on December 21. He continued to denounce Obama as the antichrist in 2013 and 2014, and to position himself as "the Messiah", dismissing all critical responses as the work of "false Christs" whose existence only bolster his claims to be the true Christ.

If Smith is currently spamming your website or forum with his lottery pictures and paranoia, and you have found this collaborative wiki by Googling his name, then you have our sympathy.

"I want to say from the beginning that everything written on [] is garbage and it’s only intent is to smear me."
Geir Smith reviews this website, October 2013

"Obama Made Website To Spy On ME. Why Wish Prevent News? […] It’s suspicious that they are still at it now. Why do they do it? […] It’s not been edited since June 2015."
Follow-up analysis, December 2015


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