42 Months

Revelation 13:5 says that "The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months."

Every so often, The King of Shambhala dials back his calendar three and a half years and points to whatever is there as proof that Obama gained his true antichristian authority exactly 42 months ago, and will be impeached or killed or whatever within the next few weeks. A simple Google search pulls up the following fragments from the deep.

August 2010

  • "Obama the Antichrist is Over After 42 Months of Rule the Bible says so in the Rev: 13:5 and the 42 months are from the Antichrist-Satan's (Obama) rise to power, meaning his campaign kick-off which was on 10 February 2007. That was 42 months on the 10th of August and that 42d month lasts until Sept. 11th 2010. The Apocalypse is now."

July 2011

  • "Antichrist's rule lasts three and half years 42 months (Bible) Yes, I've been grinding the axe against Obama since he pulled ahead of Hillary and she definitively dropped out of the race in the first month of 2008."

November 2011

  • "42 months from today is the month of June 2008. What particular event in alias "Obama's" life marked the beginning of great things for him? It's very simple: Hillary Clinton endorsed Obama's candidature on that day of June 5:"

April 2012

  • "Three and half years back (42 months – 1330 days) goes to Obama’s Nov. 4 election date which’ll be in May. Now is the perfect storm gathering for Obama to be the Antichrist and to fall in May."

June 2012

  • "Obama was Inaugurated Jan. 20th 2009. meaning 42 months make up til Juny 20th. The Bible's "42 months" can also start from June 20th and go, as long as until July 20th."

August 2012

  • "The Antichrist rules for 42 months and Obama’s 42 months in power come to an end on Aug. 20th. maybe."

July 2013

  • "Probably calculate those 42 months from when his first crippling Big Spendings started (which are his Mark of 66 upon all our hands and foreheads by indebting us more than all US presidents COMBINED.) so probably calculate the 42 months from the Stanley Morgan/Lehman Bros bailout etc…"

November 2013

  • "His power kicked in truely when he managed to get his Obamacare law through both Houses and the Senate. That was 42 months ago NOW so the Apocalypse is NOW."

December 2013

  • "Go back 42 months and that takes you to the summer of 2010 – (June?) – and if you look at Obama’s record you’ll see that that was when he was passing the main legislation that’s gutted us economically."