Sites Geir has been banned from

Geir abandoned his account in January 2012, after some incoherent claims of having been "banned", and (we guess) mistaking B4IN's bug-riddled posting system as evil antichrist-funded censorship. He came back for a few months, then was actually banned in April after spamming the same "joke's over Obama, you are going to death row" article about fifty times (eg here). His articles were no longer visible in any categories, but he still posts them.

Geir decided that he was banned because B4IN is owned by Obama and Fukushima radiation was making B4IN staff "crazy".

B4IN let him come back in May 2012, but by the end of the month he was spamming the same old stories again (taking a random Google News story he'd found and copy-and-pasting it, with a non sequitur "LOL Apocalypse Obama is the Gay Kenyan Antichrist and Must Die but I'm not Calling For His Death!!" headline) and got the same partial block as before - his articles didn't show up in categories or on the front page. Later in June or July this block was lifted.

In September 2013 Geir announced that he was posting his last article at B4IN, explaining that he'd "been put on notice that my articles would no longer be featured". He posted a couple more articles a few hours later.


Hilariously, Geir once left B4IN for 4chan because it has better porn. "B4IN Never Was Right. 4Chan Now Spreads Good News. It's Got Sex. B4IN Has None. So 4Chan Gets The Massive Public. And My Message Works." He managed to get banned about once a week the last time he frequented /b/, where - last time we checked - linking to B4IN is a banning offence.

Yahoo! Answers

Seems Geir got banned from 4chan and tried a different teenage chat site: Yahoo Answers. Asking questions like "Why is Obama the Antichrist?" and "Why do the ObaBots object so much to saying Obama's the Antichrist?" Predictably, the kids there mocked him and made the inevitable references to his "meds". He tried to drum up some Wikipedia meatpuppets (Does anyone want to help edit Wikipedia articles "Obama" "Antichrist" "666" "Number of the Beast" "Apocalypse"?) but nobody cared.

A few days later, his account was banned: "This person may not exist, there may be a problem with the link or gulp their account has been suspended."

Wikipedia : Banned in 2008 for "disruptive behaviour, inserting patent nonsense to article space, and consistent off-site canvassing and calls for vandalism, combined with positive slander" over some Buddhism stuff. Geir didn't care about Obama at this point. : Banned in 2010 for spamming the Obama birthplace articles with his Antichrist theory, based on a single, overinterpreted Newsweek source. Admin banning him were unaware of the Geir_Smith account. : Banned permanently after railing about free speech and making crass comparisons to Communist Russia. "As your intent of these unblocks is clearly to disrupt, I am removing your access to this talkpage." : He tried again with a new account and got banned within a day. He moved to the French Wikipedia next - not clear if they banned him or not.

Geir has summarised Wikipedia policy as "we don’t give a darn what people think and Wikipedia is the work of a few left wing ignoramuses who don’t pay any attention to reality" and objected to their advice of "Don’t try to edit anywhere on Wikipedia that Obama is the Antichrist.". He rejected guidance on appealing against his ban saying "They’ll have to request me to return, I’ll not return on my own time. I’m busy."

Geir would later remark that "The extraordinary thing is that the battle at Wikipedia is as of now an historical account which is reported by people wherever I go."


He may or may not have been banned from this. This YouTube timeline shows several accounts. Some of his videos were blocked for just being copyright violations with Obama-666 rants over the top, such as (we kid you not) "Justin Bieber saying Obama's the Antichrist - Baby ft. Ludacris.b".


After befriending a lot of joke-name French trolls on Facebook, many with his own face, he spammed the Orly Taitz and WBC Facebook walls. He was banned, and blamed this on "Obama Forces".

Obama Conspiracy Theories

He got banned in 2012 for the usual reasons. In 2013 the site owner graciously allowed Geir to post again, at which point he said "I’ll drop this note to see if Doc Coward has unbanned me. But if he has I’ll waste him when I post. Cowards are ugly and hate being beaten up by people with moral virtue and Doc Coward is stupid with nothing in his brain.", rambled a lot more about how everyone is a coward and a fascist, said he'd hunt them down like rabbits, quoted his usual misunderstanding of Jefferson, and signed off "SHUT UP. Kindly. Geir Smith aka KOS."

He was banned again a few hours later.

Unclear if he's banned or just stopped posting on this Topeka, Kansas forum. He spent his time shouting at imaginary CIA shills on random threads and accruing "offtopic" and "nuts" icons on his comments.

Carl Gallups Ministries

Not a ban as such, but worth mentioning that in February 2014 Carl Gallups explicitly said on Facebook that "Geir Smith is an unreliable source."

Mike Volin recruited Geir to write for his blog, for reasons we still don't understand. He bit his tongue and repeated a few vague stories, but went into full on antichrist-Obot paranoia in the comments. At one point he boasted about how he was going to censor any more comments from "liberal trash", despite Volin's comment policy being to publish every submission. Geir stopped writing for Volin's blog immediately afterwards, and had his stories retroactively re-credited to "0365onie52".

Mike said "I guess Newsweek is just as crazy as Geir!" on his radio show, while Geir was guesting, when a caller confirmed Geir's "you can't deny it!" point about Newsweek covering the 666 lottery coincidence.

Esangha Buddhist Community

Banned in 2003 for "seeking support to sign a petition letter to "Stop the world's longest ban" for Jonang tradition in order to support human rights"