False Christ watch

The King of Shambhala is so skilled at spotting false Christs, false prophets and paid employees of the US government that it only takes one sliver of criticism for them to show his true colors to him. Perhaps they will dare to question his omniscience, perhaps they will merely point out a spelling mistake he made. False Christs all. He certainly isn't using "false christ" or "obot" as a flippant and meaningless insult! Just look…

  • mrjellyxxx, a new user: "Ohh I know I heard that Ronnie Reagan was a cross dressing submissive that used to let Merv Griffin ride him bareback…It ya know what i mean. Man making stuff up is FUN!! :)"
  • Shambhala: "Beware of mrjellyxxx, these are the false christs who seek to protect their master the Messiah and Lord Saviour aka the Antichrist Obama." *
  • Benjamin, a new user: "A humilated and effete homosexual, who likes older men, would be the diametrical opposite of the qualities, which you might expect the see in a dynamic Antichrist, that egotist, who considers himself above all that is called holy. I believe that your criticisms are valid, but you have misinterpreted them."
  • Geir: "Well who are you Benjamin? You false christ."
  • Dignified: "This guy is a fruitcake, ignore him. Good contribution."
  • Geir: "Benjamin’s not the only false christ. You too Dignified." *
  • Liberty: "While I greatly appreciate and respect Jonathans ministry……I also have a concern that at times he tries to “out-think” God or anyone else whom the Lord has been preparing for “such a time as this”."
  • Geir: "liberty’s a false christ; he’s saying he knows if Obama’s the Antichirst or not which is a blasphemy." *
  • craigevil: "“Every Reformer, without exception, spoke of the papacy as Antichrist” -R. Allen Anderson, Unfolding the Revelation, p.137"
  • Geir: "craigevil says Obama’s not the Antichrist. craigevil’s a false christ." *
  • Who dat: "Ha ha ha, bless you, you think Barry is that important, ha ha ha."
  • Geir: "Typical false christ-tactic." *
  • A new user: "No where in true scripture is there an “anti-Christ”; rather it is “that spirit of anti-Christ” (1 John 4:3). Any spirit that denies Jesus came in the flesh is of that spirit of anti-Christ.The anti-Christ is not a person, it is a spirit that inhabits those who say Jesus did not come in the flesh…."
  • Shambhala: "False christ. “The Church will be corrupted by false christs rotting it at the time of the Apocalypse.” (Bible) Obama’s the Antichrist heaven said so so shut up you false christ you’re evil and work for Satan directly." *
  • Shambhala: "Don’t turn back or you’ll be turned to a pillar of salt. Follow me. I’m right and everybody else is wrong."
  • Bewareoffalseprophets: "Shamb cut it out for you too be a falsity for though you may have put two and two together this does not make You the Truth."
  • Shambhala: "I’m the truth, I’m the way bec I say Obama’s the Antichrist. You don’t you false christ Bewareoffalseprophets. You’re stupid and ugly." *
  • Veteran user: "I have ignored your ignorant rants long enough. You need to actually read the Bible and what it says about the anti-christ. The false prophet will first arrive and announce the anti-christ. Obama has performed no miracles or claimed to be Christ. The 666 drawing may very well be a sign that Obama is part of the anti-christ but if you believe that lowly Obama is THE anti-christ then you are not only delusional but are in danger of being blinded to the Great Deceiver. So other than a lottery drawing do you have any Biblically backed facts that lend credence up your claim? Otherwise you are just an unwitting accomplice to the anti-christ trying to lead people astray."
  • Shambhala: "Yes you false christ Timothy." *
  • Hard Salami: "There’s no satan and jesus never existed.It’s all jew scare tactics to keep goys under ther the jew’s feet.There’s only God and he left us to our own devices."
  • Shambhala: "The false christs and liars like Hard Salami are obstacles. Avoid them; let’s do this." *
  • Ivar: "Did Buddha really teach all this? I am very doubtful, that he spoke about Christianity, since he lived many hundred years before Jesus walked on Earth, and died for our sins, and rose again. He died for your sins Geir. Jesus loves you."
  • Geir: "ok ivar now entering lake of fire and brimstone / u ignored the marks of the beast when heaven revealed them to u through me / false christ" blog comment from 2009
  • Melissa: "Reminds me of the wizard of OZ , Are you the fake hologram spouting opinions or are you the aged sore loser man hiding behind the curtain pushing levers and buttons to control your all powerful wizard of OZ."
  • Shambhala: "Mellissa is a demonic working for Satan." *
  • Griffin: "[Heaping abuse on Michelle Obama] is so un-Christian."
  • Geir: "Griffin and physhstx are false christs." *
  • mitch51: "Since you are correcting everyone’s grammar and spelling, it is “because”, not “becuz”. You have to learn how to spell if you want to keep publishing your BS."
  • Shambhala: "So, you support Obama the AC, mitch51? Just askin’. You work for Satan, am I wrong?" *

Obot watch

Much the same deal.

  • Omerta: "She is being paid to “remember” Barry Soetoro. As a boy he grew up in Saudi Arabia, where his name was Osama Bin Laaden. Wake up."
  • Shambhala: "Omerta is an Obot. Did you come because you’re afraid other friends of Obama’s will show up now, Omerta?" *
  • scott: "Our congress walked out sine die in 1861. Lincoln didn’t have a sitting congress when he took office and so he appointed ones for the missing seats. Boys and girls that was the end of our constitutional republic. […]"
  • Geir: "Don’t listen to scott, an Obama mole trying to convince people to surrender to Obama." *
  • sysbuster: "I just finished Bioshock Infinite.. Ya know what, never mind…"
  • Shambhala: "Obama’s agents are all over the comments here. Don’t follow or believe them. They only lie, that’s all." *
  • M Rapp: "gee you have to have a special meeting to figure out that obummer and the gov is evil…."
  • Shambhala: "M. Rapp is an Obama Bot and defends his god and hero, the Antichrist Obama aka Satan-in-Person."
  • M Rapp: "….hey asshole, did you not read that I said “obummer is evil” let me clarify for your pea brain “EVIL INCARNATE” so just how am I defending him/them …what the hell is wrong with you people….."
  • Shambhala: "Watch out, M. Rapp worships Obama and protects him." *
  • Fantasy: "Les différences d’opinions ça se respecte mon homme!"
  • Shambhala: "Don’t follow mentally deranged people like Fantasy. They support the greatest criminal of the History of Humanity: Obama!" *
  • You need help: "Hey buddy, I’d really recommend seeing a therapist. Thinking people are monitoring you 24/7 is most certainly not normal."
  • Shambhala: "Watch out for types like “You need help”. […] Their doggedly blind faith in their hero and god Obama who’s the Antichrist borders on “cultish”." *
  • Chuck Wheeler: "I would suggest all people in the U.S. Prepare for our country to be invaded by Russian & China military forces .. :eek:"
  • Shambhala: "Chuck Wheeler is a gov shill." *
  • Shambhala: "Neil Bobbett's a troll paid by Obama. He posts pictures of himself drinking and partying." —*

Gay watch

Also the same. Geir's gaydar is so finely tuned that he can sense whether someone is gay and/or enjoys anal sex from a single comment about neither subject.

  • eatmorevegetables: "shama lama baby rama rama rama ding dong – Otis Day"
  • Geir: "Wait a minute you pervert. What you like? Butting someone up the rear exit tail pipe, eatmorevegetables?" *