This is a record of the bizarre predictions and claims made by Geir Smith, the self-styled "King of Shambhala", in the "Prophecy" section of the beforeitsnews website, from 2011 onwards. (The prophecies made during 2010 may be mentioned, but will not be exhaustively analysed.) Given the cryptic nature of his quatrains, we strive to interpret them as best we can.

"The fact that I announced the Apocalypse six times already does not mean I'm wrong because "No one knows the time and hour of the Apocalypse, not even the Son of God but only the father alone." (Bible)"
Geir Smith, March 2013

22nd January 2011

After an article of his gets 1,000 hits in the "Prophecy" category, Geir says "This article is at third spot from being yearly record of the category and being a B4IN all-time favorite, which means the Apocalypse will rule over this network and the whole of Internet and the world in a few hours."

Our interpretation: At the time of writing, this article has actually received more reloads than any other B4IN Prophecy article so far in January, so it is definitely within the "yearly record", if we define this as "hits so far this year". We are not sure what "all-time favorite" means, as only "1 people like this story" according to the page itself. Geir believes that this amount of traffic and favour will cause "the Apocalypse" to rule over "this network and the whole of Internet" within a few hours of his comment (14:52 GMT).

Current status: FALSE. A day later, the Apocalypse has not ruled over the B4IN network (there are no other stories about the apocalypse on its front page, and we can find no other stories referencing Geir's piece), nor the wider Internet.

22nd January 2011 (#2)

Geir visits this site and comments "Hey cool. Thanks for the comic relief. You clowns are always a great joy. especially in these grave hours. Hawaii gov Abercombie has just announced (20: 50 European time) he can't produce the doggone brith certificate so evidently all hell willl break loose. I post to the page of a lady who pickets the White House every day saying Obama's the Antichrist. I'm writing to her saying Obama got 666 drawn in the illinois Lottery on victory-day. If you're cowards don't delete one comma of this. I'm not going to spend much time here."

Our interpretation: Although Geir finds this site a "great joy", he is not going to spend much time here. (We didn't delete any commas, he just didn't type any.)

Current status: FALSE. Geir has spent some time here since, trying to add his own content and comments to the bottom of the article.

23rd January 2011

Geir simply says that "today is the end of the world". (A comment on this article.)

Our interpretation: Either Geir believes that the world will literally end at some point today, or that "Obama's world" will end, either by him being forced out of office, or executed.

Current status: RETRACTED. At 00:11 GMT on the 24th, Geir commented "Doubt it'll be midnight I think now".

25th January 2011

Geir claims that "The end is here. Today Obama falls. He'll have to answer the fucking question. That coward.". (A comment on this article.)

Our interpretation: Geir believes that Obama will be forced to answer questions about his birth certificate later today, and that his answer will cause him to in some way "fall" (either being removed from office or, at a push, simply falling slightly in public opinion polls).

Current status: FALSE. Obama did not answer questions about his birth certificate yesterday, was not removed from office, and his public approval rating is higher than it has been in nearly a year.

27th January 2011

Geir says "Video at the end is back up and running now, it'll go all the way this time, Obama's headed for jail, the scum he is. Piece of garbage. He's headed for court."

Our interpretation: Extremely vague. We can't read anything more than "Obama will move towards court and to jail at some point in his life", Smith is not even saying that Obama will end up in jail, and his prophecy would cover Obama being accused of treason but evading it. Furthermore, given that presidential visits include state buildings such as courtrooms and prisons, this is not a notable prophecy.

Current status: IGNORED.

30th January 2011

"I, Geir Smith, appointed by Supreme Power of searching for Truth, King of Shambhala, who speaks out of Ngor in Tibet, order the immediate arrest of Barack Obama for his holding of the nuclear war-heads, despite having fatal head-wounded injuries and being disqualified by 10 states forcing him to show his eligibility. He is the Antichrist announced in the Bible as being affected by a head-wound and the number 666 which is announced in the Lottery of Illinois, the day of his election-announcement."

Our interpretation: Geir believes he has the authority to order the arrest of the president of the United States of America, and that this will happen "immediately" upon his instruction.

Current status: FALSE. No "immediate arrest" happened during the next few days.

30th January 2011 (#2)

In comments, Geir says: "Obama's 42 months are up now. He started when he gained importance in the presidential race during the summer of 2007. He entered the race in Feb. of 2007. By that summer he was in the top two and had risen to a place of power. That's dead now with his mortal wound revealed. Spread this and don't wait one second, your salvation depends on it says the Bible. Join the Armmy of Truth says the Bible and spread the news of the Revelation. The Bible calls that the "Good News", pass it on and fast or you'll go to hell. 2007 in the 6 or 7th month is now exactly 42 months. Obama knows his last hours have come. Arrest him, sentence him and execute that ruling. Do it now it's already late."

Our interpretation: Geir believes that Obama's position of power is now "dead" and his "last hours" have now come and will end in either December 2010 or January 2011, since these dates are 42 months after June/July 2007. In essence, Geir believes that Obama will be arrested and removed from office by the 31st of January 2011.

Context: In August 2010, Geir wrote how Obama's 42 months would expire in September 2010. ("Obama the Antichrist is Over After 42 Months of Rule the Bible says so in the Rev: 13:5 and the 42 months are from the Antichrist-Satan's (Obama) rise to power, meaning his campaign kick-off which was on 10 February 2007. That was 42 months on the 10th of August and that 42d month lasts until Sept. 11th 2010. The Apocalypse is now.") Obama was still President after September 2010.

Current status: FALSE. The world did not end in January 2011.

3rd/4th February 2011

Geir endorses the Family Radio group in saying that the world will end on the 21st of May or maybe the the 12th of May.

Our interpretation: Geir believes the "End Times" will come in May 2011.

Current status: PENDING

5th February 2011

Geir says that "The time has been set and the limits lain down… it's when Obama submits his documents to all US states, in order to run for president, that those states will then require that he includes his birth certificate in them…. and at that precise moment will be the Apocalypse….."

Our interpretation: Geir believes that the world will end at the moment when Obama "submits his documents" to run for re-election in 2012. It is not clear from Geir's article when he believes this time has been set for, but we can simplify the prophecy as "if Obama runs for re-election in 2012, the world will end at that precise moment".

Current status: FALSE. Obama is running for re-election without any problems.

5th February 2011 (#2)

In a comment, Geir says "Obama take your time, you'll be in jail this time next week."

Our interpretation: Geir believes that Obama will be in jail at 7:11pm (CET) on the 12th of February 2011.

Current status: FALSE. Obama was not in jail on Saturday night.

12th February 2011

Geir initiates a world survey of his readers and says that "If [the question of whether Obama should be executed by law] is not answered immediately, we can be considering the world razed to a simple burnt shred, in a mere question of seconds, by the simple pressure on a button by Obama, so as to set off the world Holocaust."

Our interpretation: If people don't answer his poll immediately, the world will be destroyed within seconds by Obama himself (or, at least, something will happen such that for all intents and purposes the world may as well have been destroyed).

Current status: FALSE. Although the poll eventually attracted one answer from a reader suggesting that Obama be merely impeached (which is not an option in the poll, but arguably could be taken as "No, I don’t think so."), this was not "answered immediately", it took nearly 48 hours. However, the world can not be regarded as having been "razed to a simple burnt shred" in this time.

25th February 2011

(Sorry for the delay, we got bored.)

So, what's happening now? Geir believes that Obama is going to be removed from office on the 4th of March. "Obama's time is over now and he's just on the last leg of his rule now. Just seven days left till the Supreme Court hears the birther case about Col. Gregory Hollister. The issue is a dead-end to Obama, no matter what the verdict which comes up with. Because the ruling can not satisfy anyone at this point." He goes on to say that this will "lead him smack into a death sentence, for frauding the access to nuclear bomb-secrets".

Note that this may be connected to Geir's earlier prophecy that when Obama attempts to submit his documents for re-election, "at that precise moment will be the Apocalypse".

Update: On the 3rd of March, Geir tells us that the 4th of March will be "Blast-Off Last Apocalypse".

Our interpretation: At the very least, Geir predicts that Obama will be clearly flagged as being unable to run for a second term at 11:59pm of the 4th of March, and that this will lead him "smack into a death sentence". This will happen "no matter what the verdict which comes up with". If Obama produces his birth certificate, he still dies.

Current status: FALSE

2nd March 2011

Geir writes "Obama just stole the actual whole bombs themselves and he has the red button AND the nuclear suitcase in his office at the White House right now as I write. We can be blasted away before I get the chance to answer anyone. He can blast off those bombs between two crack deals, to his chums in the Chicago slums." He advises: "Leave your houses and go out run and reveal you'll be saved this is the END!"

Our interpretation: Geir thinks that Obama will unleash a nuclear attack on (at the very least) America and France in the next two days, and then take the time to phone his friends in Chicago to complete a crack deal, possibly in the few minutes before Chicago is destroyed. Geir advices that running outside and "revealing" the fact of the Illinois lottery result will mean that you go to heaven instead of hell when everyone dies.

Current status: FALSE, the world is still here.

4th March 2011

Today is the day. At 9:30am (French time? GMT?) Geir says: "10 Hours Till Apocalypse It's Over Obama Come out with your hands over your head it's over SCOTUS and STATES Gonna Bust you now" He is too busy to write an actual article to go with it, he just gives us a headline and a big picture of his beautiful face.

Our interpretation: This puts the apocalypse at 7:30pm in an uncertain timezone. We will be generous and concede defeat if the apocalypse happens before midnight US time.

Current status: FALSE

14th March 2011

Geir is in a masturbatory frenzy over the humanitarian disaster in Japan. It's one of the four horsemen! Maybe… death! Or pestilence! For some reason Geir seems to think that "People with supernatural prophetic powers are now being called forth to predict the future.", and when pressed for an actual prophecy, Geir offers "Tomorrow the wind changes and 50 million Japanese get radiated Happy?""

Our interpretation: Geir predicts that at least 50 million Japanese citizens will be subjected to at least a small level of damaging nuclear radiation as a result of the reactor failures in the wake of the earthquake. This will happen on the 15th of March, and will be in part due to the wind changing direction.

Context: Looks like he said the same thing yesterday predicting a change of weather for Monday and saying that a "massive contamination of enormous throngs of Japanese may happen in minutes". This did not happen, so he's moved it to Tuesday.

Current status: FALSE

15th March 2011

Apropos the Fukushima reactor disaster, Geir thinks that "america's hunkering down. the cloud'll be on it in 24 hours now."

Our interpretation: Parts of the US will be experiencing nuclear fallout by 3pm on the 16th of March.

Current status: FALSE, even Tokyo isn't experiencing nuclear fallout, three days later.

18th March 2011

Geir turns his expert hand to basic weather forecasting: "Tokyo Deathly Wind'll Be East Tomorrow Eastern Wind will bring nuclear fallout straight onto Japan's mainland tomorrow in weather forecast at slow speed and thus not enabling Radioactivity-Dispersion! Horrible!"

Our interpretation: Geir thinks the wind will be blowing east-to-west, and also that there is "nuclear fallout" in the air above Fukushima.

Current status: FALSE - the wind is blowing from the west today, and there is no nuclear fallout over Fukushima.

22nd March 2011

Geir casually remarks in a comment that "Radiations hitting France tomorrow is all over the news. Food will be banned from sale."

Our interpretation: As of the 23rd of March, it will be illegal to sell food in France.

Current status: FALSE - our contact in France informs us that food is still on sale.

24th March 2011

Geir was watching TV and saw Donald Trump saying something about Obama's birth certificate, therefore "the immense majority support the donald
he's more popular than obama
for the birth certificate trump's the winner no doubt possible
and he's sweeping the world with it
get on this bandwagon fast
tomorrow the world will be covered with this story
it'll be late
too late FOR YOU if you haven't moved this night NOW.
This story will be too far gone tomorrow
catch it NOW
tomorrow it'll be too late".

Our interpretation: So many people support "the donald" that on the 25th of March (he posted this just after midnight on the 24th, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt) the world will be "covered with" the Obama birth certificate story. So much so, that it will be "too late" for anybody to spam Geir's article and become "the first Warrior of the Apocalypse".

Status: FALSE - the world isn't "covered with" the story, and it is still entirely possible for people to write their own stories about the lottery coincidence if they want to. They're just choosing not to.

15th April 2011

Geir is back to just posting his newspaper photo and twiddling his fingers, rather than posting any predictions, but we find it significant that he now says "Don't get it wrong: I like Obama."

To repeat that: Geir likes the man who he believes to be the Antichrist.

Has Geir backed down, or been replaced by a demonic?

18th April 2011

Geir has found a damning new version of the same screenshot he's been posting for the past year which now has red lines on it and says "he'll be toast i think it may happen in hours now it'll break one way or another people are rallying trump fast n… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Status: WE ARE SO BORED NOW. Three months and zero correct prophecies, and Geir is back where he was a year ago. Project is on hiatus.

13th May 2011

One more because it's kind of fascinating how often and how literally he comes back to this. Today Geir says "The Antichrist will be jailed by the end of times of 5/21 Day of Judgment RUN! RUN! RUN!"

Our interpretation: President Obama will be jailed before 11:59pm on the 21st of May.

Status: FALSE

February 2012

As of February 2012, Geir was annoying the good people at the Orly Taitz Facebook fan page. Nothing had changed apart from a very slight shift into joking about alcoholism, and how other posters' children must think their parent is crazy. Does this mean that Geir has children?

April/May 2012

Just throwing this in because it's so beautifully consistent. Geir's long-standing "42 months after an Obama-related event that happened around 41 months ago" prophecy moved to predict the end of Obama's rule for May 2012, in April. ("Chicago Lottery drew 666 on Obama's victory-day and the Antichrist rules for 42 months and Obama was elected on Nov. 4 2008. 42 months from Nov. 4 2008 makes May 2012 which is in three weeks.") If he's taken it as far as the date of Obama's election, could this be the last 42-month prophecy?

Update: Looks like Geir has actually gone and called it for May the 4th 2012. "Obama'll fall on May 4th because that will be the 42 months he ruled since his election on Nov. 4th, 2008." As evidence he cites a Yahoo Answers search which has 85 results for the words "obama illinois lottery 666".

Our interpretation: President Obama will be removed from office on May the 4th 2012.

Status: FALSE

June 2012

It's not his last 42 month prophecy! Boom! He's still posting to B4IN despite being banned from all category pages, to say that "If Obama were to be the Antichrist, then I'd calculate his 42 months of rule from his Inauguration, seeing he didn't rule immediately after his election, itself. […] Let's just say that the 42nd month of Obama's rule started on June 20th, five days ago…. and will end on July 20th." Surely this must really be the last 42-month prophecy?

Our interpretation: Obama will be removed from office on the 20th of July 2012.

Status: FALSE

June 2012 intermission

While we're waiting for the 20th of July apocalypse, there will also be an apocalypse on June the 28th. Geir's headline puts the date as "7/27/6", but he says "Obama's Doomed because Fast and Furious will be voted tomorrow and I suppose it'll be around 3 PM." and the article was posted on the 27th. We can also expect to see "three days of darkness, during which all hell breaks loose and it's called the End Times War aka Armageddon. That should kick off from tomorrow around 3PM." We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant the 28th of July 2012.

Our interpretation: Obama will be removed from office on the 28th of June 2012. For the period of the 28th of June to the 1st of July, either the planet will literally suffer three days of darkness, or (if this is all just some lazy metaphor) Obama will be sad about having been removed from office. Note: We will be generous and assume that the 20th of July prophecy still stands, since Geir will undoubtedly switch back to it on the evening of the 28th.

Status: FALSE. Oddly, Geir was still saying "Now is the Last Judgment where your sins will be counted. Three days of Armageddon. Then the Apocalypse will be complete and Obama'll be revealed to the whole world for who he is and it's kicking off now precisely after 3PM. at 5:50pm on the 28th. It is possible that he may have confused "night falling in France" with "three days of darkness beginning".

19th August 2012

Switching to French, perhaps because nobody has agreed with him in English, Geir announces that Obama would fall before the 20th of August ("donc avant 5h20"), and that this would be an "apocalypse".

Our interpretation: Obama will be removed from office at some point on the 19th of August.

Status: FALSE

20th August 2012

Somewhen around the end of the previous deadline, Geir realised that he'd forgotten to add a day due to Obama's inauguration flub. The apocalypse was totally going to be the next day instead! (This apparently wasn't worth a B4IN article, he just spend the day on BlogTV telling French teenagers that they had until 1am to spam Allen West's Facebook page with links to Geir's YouTube videos.)

Our interpretation: Obama will be removed from office at some point on the 20th of August.

Status: FALSE

3rd October 2012

So far as we can see, Geir seems to have backed down from the full-on "apocalypse now, Obama will die this week, I am a prophet" stuff lately, but he did offer "Tonight they’re handing Obama his marching orders. He’ll move to Death Row now." today.

Our interpretation: Obama will be ordered to leave the White House and relocated to Death Row on the evening of the 3rd of October.

Status: FALSE

10th October 2012

Looks like Geir is firing up his prophecy machine again, as a way to kid himself that he hasn't lost an argument. "Obama’s the Antichrist and that’s the news today / it’ll be everywhere tomorrow"

Our interpretation: The claim that Obama is the Antichrist will be headline news on the 10th of October.

Status: FALSE

21st December 2012

Quelle surprise, Geir has bought into the Mayan prophecy misunderstanding by announcing that the apocalypse will happen on December 21. Also he seems to think he's Jesus now! He hates Jesus for being "dead and a zombie", hates Christianity and doesn't believe in the Mayan religion, but it's a perfect storm of lazy apocalyptic prediction. "1 hour left till the apocalypse"!

Our interpretation: The world will end on December 21.

Status: FALSE. When the world failed to end, Shambhala criticized people for being "very sheeply" in laughing at him, and said that he was actually right all along because some birther lobby group sent a petition to the Senate on December 21, and that is just like the apocalypse. On it goes…

9th August 2013

The King of Shamhala is back on the prophecy jig! He's made a full-on end-of-the-world prophecy here, saying that the world will end "in three weeks" because of Fukushima. Radioactive water leaking in Japan will kill everyone, just like we all died after Chernobyl. They're asking the government to step in, but Shambhala somehow knows that they won't. And oh, yeah, Obama is antichrist because mumble mumble zombies.

Our interpretation: Everyone in Japan will be dead on the 30th August, and the rest of the world will die shortly thereafter.

Status: NOPE

13th November 2013

Doing his usual check of what happened around 42 months ago, Geir found an earthquake in Tibet. OMG THERE ARE BUDDHISTS IN TIBET AND GEIR IS A BUDDHIST AND SOMETHING SOMETHING ANTICHRIST! November 14 2013 is "indeeed the Apocalypse for the Antichrist Obama" because of this. He will "quell all the paid shills of Obama aka Satan-in-Person".

Bizarrely Geir now thinks he's working with the Four Horsemen: "The Apocalypse will be if I can find the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Their mission will be to enter Wikipedia and start editing articles which are vital to Obama." Forget Fukushima and North Korea and Pestilency, the four horsemen are now just any schmoes who help him get around his lifetime ban from Wikipedia.

Our interpretation: On November 14, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will help Geir edit Wikipedia, and Obama will consider this to be "apocalyptic" in some way. We'll buy him a cookie if he even gets four viewers on his Ustream channel.

Status: Watch this space!