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  • "I’m not pro-GOP at all, I’ve never voted, I’m not political" —B4IN comment
  • "If the Presidential election was held today, who would you vote for and why?" "None" —forum application question

False christs

  • "The paths of heaven are impenetrable and thiose who claim they know them are frauds." —B4IN comment
  • "If you don’t say Obama’s the Antichrist you’re a false christ. You won’t reach heaven. You’re working for Satan personally." —B4IN comment
  • "Anybody who refuses to admit Obama’s the Antichrist, is marked by 666 and is a Kenyan – is a false christ and zombie." —B4IN comment
  • "It’s easy to test them. Just see if they agree with that. They’ll say “yes, he’s certainly bad etc….” then they’ll add “…but not the Antichrist”. “666 doesn’t mean anything.” “He’s certainly not Kenyan.” It’s like they say “Yes” and then it actually means “No” and they tricked you." —B4IN comment
  • "Every commenter here will be a false christ and not gain heaven." —B4IN comment
  • "You said you’re a Christian so you’re a false christ if you’re a xtian." —B4IN comment
  • "[…] you’re obviously not a Christian and you’re a false Christian and false christ." —B4IN comment

Obama timeline

  • "I've entered into active battle against Obama since I learnt he was a Muslim, well before his election, already back in 2008. SInce then my life has been dominated by this reality […]" —B4IN essay
  • "I was fighting Obama with everything I had because I had seen his Indonesian school-registration saying he was a Muslim." —B4IN article
  • "I’m not suprestitious. I had no idea of what an Antichrist was. I fought Obama because he was Muslim which is a thing I can’t accept in a president of the USA. Then I DISCOOVERED THAT HE WAS THE ANTICHRIST." —B4IN comment
  • "But when I saw the Illinois Lottery # 666 in a Newsweek article, I cussed under my breath: “What!!!!!!!!!” I gasped. My hair stood on end." —B4IN article
  • "I then saw the Indonesia school admission entry saying he was Muslim. I knew that was not imaginable or acceptable. France had terrorist Jihad-groups called GIA from Algeria who had bombed the subway twenty years ago and being a Muslim was akin to being the worst crap in the world…. and me as a child brought up in the USA, having this kind of trash in the Oval Office, was as if I were told a Sicilian mobster were sitting in the White House. I thought "I can be wrong about him, but I don't give a damn, I'm so afraid of the Muslims' evilness, that I can't even dream of this coming true." —B4IN essay
  • "Obama thus became the main fight of my life, as I then got involved with this clear idea in my head: "I must find whatever I can find that'll stick and I'll try to stop this guy with whatever we can throw at him. This is imperative. I was really looking for mud to sling. I remember wondering how I could dig something up. I went to Google and punched in "Obama bad"I was so cluelessly ill-disposed towards him." —B4IN essay
  • "When I saw the lottery number I didn’t think it spelt out the Apocalypse until many months later when I understood that the Birther issue would not defeat this man. My reason for fighting Obama, was thus not because I saw him as the Antichrist, but because I saw scans of his school registration in Indonesia listing him as Muslim." —B4IN essay
  • "I didn't use the Newsweek lottery draw for a couple of years because I was afraid people would call me a fundie, loonie or cracker." —B4IN essay
  • "My reaction then was to think that the Mark of the Beast 666 being the Lottery was a bit ridiculous…" —B4IN essay
  • "He’s back in the White House. The least desirable place for him now." —B4IN article
  • "I saw Obama was the Antichrist instantly when I read the Newsweek article back in 2008. But I didn’t realize he was the Krinmati Demon announced by Buddhism until about two years ago." —B4IN comment

Godwin's Law

  • "Obama’s far worse than Hitler Staline and the rest COMBINED. He’s got the atom bombs and they never had them." —B4IN comment
  • "hitler was a killer i’ve been clear with my nazi friends about that" —B4IN comment
  • "There are very ignorant and ugly people trolling this article. / I warn you all to watch out and avoid them / If you follow their thinking you’ll end up in hell with them / Hitelr took everybody to their death / These people are the same" —B4IN comment
  • "Obama’s Greatest Criminal Worse Than Hitler-Genghis Khan and Staline COMBINED." "A fake birth certificate is worse than anything." —B4IN article/comment
  • "You Obama trolls are pathetic psychos. When will you stop? You waiting for Hitler to come back to enroll?" —B4IN comment
  • "They’ll sic everybody to the cops and we’ll be like with Hitler." —B4IN comment
  • "[…] a three -year trial of all Obama’s chums in gov and also Bush and his gov i.e. the biggest trial in the History of Humanity much much bigger than Nuremburg, (the Trial of Nazi Hitlerism)." —B4IN comment
  • "Hitler never produced fake ID to get the atom bombs seeing atom bombs didn’t exist." —B4IN comment
  • "To deal with sick people ike you [B4IN username], we need sick methods. Like the SS. They’re needed to deal with very dangerous people like you." —B4IN comment
  • "That’s what Hitler said but historians know that he lost the war the moment he entered Austria. Obama lost the moment he was elected to the White House and in Chicago the miracle happened: the Illinois lottery drew 666 the next day." —B4IN comment
  • "Obama’s like Hitler a lousy loser and nolife and killing millions like Obama/Hitler isn’t a big sign of success." —B4IN comment
  • "Every progressive is a murmur away from Hitler." —B4IN comment
  • "Next you’ll start saying Obama’s good. I bet you also like Hitler and Staline." —B4IN comment
  • "I mean Hitler, Hitler would've, Hitler would've fit in very will with those [Wikipedia] guys, will not allow you to say something." —UStream video
  • "Buddha was an Indian, what Hitler called the Aryans, the Master Race." —B4IN comment
  • "But more so even, because we don’t even know who Obama is; while at least with Hitler; we knew who he was, what his name was, who his parents were and where he was born, which are things we don’t know with Obama." —B4IN article
  • "Those who defend Obama are like the Nazis who went about their daily life under the rule of tyrannical mass-murderers such as Hitler." —B4IN comment

Harry Potter / Y2K

  • "On Christian apocalyptic websites, I came across rabid criticism of Harry Potter. This seemed to me, at the time, as the most prominent and I monitored the rise for the Harry Potter phenomena for several months, quite at awe at his success. […] The fact that this was classified as an Antichrist, by Christian Antichrist-monitoriing websites, had no effect upon [Geir's wife's criticism of his Harry Potter obsession] because we were Tibetan culture scholars, and Judeo-Christian thinking was beyond our scope and off our radars. But not for me. So, this was indeed a topic which I monitored rather closely for a few months to a year." —B4IN essay
  • "I had thus opted for a Y2K monster and Harry Potter devil-like figure ….before actually attacking the Dalai Lama devil-like personage (as I've mentioned above in my bioography)….. his murderous history and horrid family and brother seemed to prove this to be the right issue…This had monopolized me totally for several years to a year, but that was totally eclipsed by the Obama issue and battle which suddenly took over all my time and thinking." —B4IN essay

Becoming the King/Jesus

  • "Since [university] as I've done the most extensive university work on Tibetan Tantric Buddhist, in the world among all the scholars on this earth, I've become the Mensa of Humanity. I'm now strolling through a field of poppy flowers like in Claude Monet's paintings. Nothing holds me back from Truth now, no hoblins, dwarfs or midgets." &emdash;B4IN essay
  • "Several things which I can explain make me be the King of Shambala beyond possible doubt. No one else in the world, -Tibet, universities – could vy with me for that title. (I'd have to explain that briefly or else no one can know that, only I have made these studies and can say it)." —B4IN essay
  • "I discovered a version of it's reality that none other propound. It is that the Kalachakra hides a reality which can be called Shambala's Kingdom which is a hidden historical event." —Wikipedia post, 2007
  • "I search for some real messiah because i know there is none. I’m not stupid I’ve been searching for anyone to carry this christian crap message for three and a half years. I’m the messiah by DEFAULT" —B4IN comment
  • "The Messiah’s not a fly-by-night fraud who rants on Internet “Lookie at meee! I’m spreadiing the news! I’m the Messiah!”" —B4IN comment*
  • "My feeling was that I didn't want a Christian Apocalypse on my plate, on "top of my" Buddhist Kalachakra Apocalypse…. My attitude was for the "Christians to clean their house and I'd clean mine"." —B4IN article
  • "I was thus being propelled into destiny "reluctantly", by no effort of mine (as I stated above… Obama "just appeared")…. boosted by signs described by a faith (Christianity) different from my own. It was as if I was driving an American car but that was fitted out with new spare parts belonging to a foreign model. AND IT STILL WORKED!!!!" —B4IN article
  • "I’m Rudra Chakrin the present king of Shambhala. The Dalai Lama claims he is the king of Shambhala preceding Rudra Chakrin but that’s a lie. Those kings are now finished and it’s the time of Rudra Chakrin which is me myself. Rudra Chakrin is the Universal Saaviour of all religions and defeats the mixed-faith Demon king Kirnmati aka Obama the Antichrist." —B4IN comment
  • "I Am Way, Truth, Light" —B4IN headline
  • "I provide the proof that’s needed and I alone am the Voice of Truth because I’m the sole and only Messiah both in Buddhism and all the other religions." —B4IN comment
  • "if Obama’s truely the Antichrist then i’m Jesus." —B4IN comment
  • "I don’t like beards, they make me look like Bin Laden or Jesus. I honestly don’t want to be Jesus." —B4IN comment
  • "Now, about my role as Jesus aka the Messiah aka the king of Shambhala." —B4IN comment
  • "Yes, I'm Jesus." —B4IN headline
  • "So, I’m not saying it but yes, I’m Jesus in that case, because I do all the above. I’m Jesus; no way about it." —B4IN article
  • "I’m Jesus. Who refuses this? Only those who accept this will be saved in heaven." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m Jesus. Those who follow me will be saved, Do it." —B4IN comment
  • "Obama’s the Antichrist and I’m the messiah and I can sit at home and yes SCOTUS and the birthers and all those pushing to reveal Obama will triumph and it’ll be a collective effort." —B4IN comment
  • "The messiah (me) is a failure. He goes thorugh the Triibulations. He’s persecuted by the devils of Satan the Antichrist. (Bible) then he hits a lightning strike at the Antichrist Satan (now right now)." —B4IN comment
  • "Being the Christians' "Messiah" is a worthless to me as if they had promoted me to be Ronald the Clown. I reluctantly accept it against my will. If Christians don't accept me as Messiah, well then that's tough for them, because Obama's the Antichrist. So they don't really have any choice. They've got to take me as their Messiah, they've got no choice." —B4IN article
  • "I’m truely the Buddhist Saviour and not the Christian Prophet, because that’s foisted upon me by force by the Christians, who won’t let me do the Apocalypse, without becoming their beloved saviour. Ugh! Yukh!" —B4IN article
  • "I'm Jesus' Second Coming." —B4IN subheading
  • "I tried to get out of it, because this attitude by Christians was like a deadly grip. If I embraced them they'd want to make me one of theirs', just like vampires. That "kiss would kill me." So, I said I was just an outsider to Christianity and was there to reveal the Antichrist and then I'd be out of there again." —B4IN article
  • "So I'm the Messiah and Jesus (very, most) reluctantly and I'd go further to say that it's with disgust." —B4IN article
  • "I'm truely the Buddhist Saviour and not the Christian Prophet, because that's foisted upon me by force by the Christians, who won't let me do the Apocalypse, without becoming their beloved saviour. Ugh! Yukh! That vampire Jesus freaks the daylights out of me! Damn!" —B4IN article
  • "Being the Xtian Messiah is a drag I do reluctantly. It’s more or less being the world’s garbageman of sins. I have to judge all the sins of the whole of Humanity regardless of faith, race or creed." —B4IN article
  • "Yes, it’s easy to be the Messiah, Biblically easy." —B4IN comment
  • "You’re a in a jealous hissy fit that’s all, because a Buddhist (me) is Jesus’ Second Coming and it’s not a Christian Second Coming." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m not coming in Jesus’ name but I’m still jesus’ Second Coming so figure that out you false christ." —B4IN comment
  • "Why do you think I do this when I’m not even Christian. Why do I go so far out of my way? Because I’m loving." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m the real messenger because I don’t rely upon what I believe but upon the miraculous omen of 666 (see article’s video #2.)" —B4IN comment
  • "Because the Bible says: “No one knows who the Antichrist is” and I’m not included in those but you are." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m not like Jesus, who brings salvation and miracles as a God man. I don’t come in Jesus and God’s name." —B4IN article
  • "You’re possessed by the Antichrist. You’ll have be exorcised to be better." —B4IN comment
  • "OK so whatever you want to call me. Second Coming of Jesus? OK." —B4IN comment
  • "Pray to me. I’m the Messiah. I’m Kalachakra." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m the Messiah. What karma do you have to face me? I’m the Second Coming of Jesus." —B4IN comment-
  • "Yes, it’s easy to be the Messiah, Biblically easy." —B4IN comment
  • "I want to do the apocalypse before… immediately! I don't want to wait. I don't want to wait, and I don't want this to drag out. I don't want this to drag out a long time. People are suffering, Americans are suffering with Obamacare, people are being killed in the w- in the world, in Syria people are being exterminated. The Syrians should stop fighting! They just stop fighting! People are being killed so I want to do the apocalypse immediately so that nobody no more people get killed. Okay bye bye people, see you soon!" —UStream video, 54:00
  • "The realization that I was the one came from the fact that the others were so stupid and ugly individuals that there could only be one." —B4IN comment
  • "But why am I the Christian Messiah? To boil it all down to one single thing: it’s the message of heaven: 666. I witnessed this, just like everybody else who was in Chicago that day and witnessed it." —B4IN article
  • "I don’t deny that I’m the Messiah but I don’t see why that would require me to go to Sunday Bible-Class. I wanted to wiggle out of this and said to them: “OK. I’m the Messiah but please give me a pass on the Bible classes OK?”." —B4IN article
  • "I’m not the Christian Messiah in my mind, that’s imposed by Christians upon me, I’m the Universal Messiah of all people in the Universe." —B4IN article
  • "It’s true that this message of 666 isn’t really anything to me because I’m just an adopted party to this message." —B4IN article
  • "The messiah (me) is a failure. He goes thorugh the Triibulations." —B4IN comment
  • "The Shambhala Kings reincarnate one after the other. The previous one was me as well." —B4IN comment
  • "So, I don't try to use my brain too much and just surrender to this sign of heavenly miracle. But that's me. I trust I'll be saved because I'm surrendering to this miracle. I don't think the Apocalypse is something we can understand." —Google+ comment
  • "There is only one Messiah and it’s me." —B4IN comment
  • "[The Christian Messiah is] him or me. It’s either Jonathan Kleck the guy in the wannabe videos above, or me. There is ONLY ONE. Which one is it? I bet on me not him: I’m THE ONE." —B4IN comment

Magic powers

  • "I, Geir Smith the Universal Saviour of Mankind. Most Supernatural Powers of the World, since the Garden of Eden are Mine. Why the hell are the posts being blocked and only the titles are posted here? What is this? War!" —B4IN headline
  • "I have the greatest supernatural power of the history of Humanity which is to defeat Satan." -B4IN essay
  • "i don't believe in the bible – no god and jesus is a living dead vampire / i take it as mediumical dreams which will realize / I believe in supernatural powers for good reason / my power is the most powerful in the history of humanity to defeat and destroy Satan's power / Obama is Satan in person / the antichrist marked by 666 / my power is supreme" —B4IN essay
  • "I’m THE One and 7 Billion’ll Not Go To Heaven." —B4IN article
  • "It’s OK, everybody’s OK. Relax be happy. Only 144 000 will survive and I can bestow heaven. Just do whatever I say and don’t argue. If you doubt you’(ll burn in thehell of the antichrist." —B4IN comment
  • "how do u know what’s happening? / do u ask the moose questions like shamans? / the moose talk to shamans and tell them what the future holds / hehehe / idiot / maybe you can read clouds hahaha" —B4IN comment
  • "I reveal the Antichrist and there is no one who approaches the power which is mine even of all the prophets of the past." —B4IN comment
  • "Follow me if you want to go to heaven. You’ve got no chance on your own. You don’t know who the Messiah is and I can’t hep you if you don’t move it yourself." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m the only compassionnate person in the world because I save the world and reluctantly bring the message of the Apocalypse aka Revelation. Everybody is is steeped in hatred as shown by the hate-strewn comments hailing on me day and day out 24 7. I’ll go to heaven for my loving-Compassion toward every sentient being in the whole Universe East to West adn North to South and everybody in the world without exception will be thrown into hell by the Messengers of the Apocalypse (says so in the Bible) i.e. the 144 000 chosen who follow me; it’s tough live with it and relax be happy" —B4IN comment
  • "I bring the Apocalypse. Relax enjoy life before going to hell." —B4IN comment
  • "repent the last hour hath cometh. No heaven for thou. Doth sucketh doesn't it? " —lunatic outpost forum
  • "I'm hypnotizing you to understand I'm telling you the TRUTH, "Obama's THE ONE" aka the evil-one. The real final Antichrist. Beware! Join my army of the Apocalypse. " — post
  • "It’s no honour for me, the job of the Messiah is to throw everybody into hell – by judging them in the Last Judgment, not exactly a picnic." —B4IN article
  • "Write your names in the comments and count yourselves and we’ll rule the world for a thousand years." —B4IN article
  • "I could kick off the Apocalypse if you join me. Just a handful of five people could pull off the Apocalypse. Even just one good person and it’d work. Even half a person, – a nitwit who had faith – it could do the trick, the Apocalypse could be broken out" —B4IN comment
  • "So I think NO ONE DIES in the Apocalypse but they’re just judged. […] So, all those people who have turned me down will have to be judged for that. It’s best to not turn me down because the sole path to heaven is to reveal Obama’s the Antichrist." —B4IN article
  • "[Username], making wrong predictions of the Apocalypse is not wrong." —B4IN comment
  • "If I say to Obama he’s the Antichrist, will he start crying and get destroyed?" —B4IN comment
  • "For things to come: the Bible says the Apocalypse will be the Day of Last Judgement and each and everyone of you little farggots will be judged for supporting the Abomination aka the Antichrist Obama, the homosexual." —B4IN comment
  • "I’ve seen I’m the messiah. So live with it sucker. Fail." —B4IN comment
  • "You must say Obama’s the Antichrist and stand up to be counted among the chosen and Messengers of the Apocalypse or else burn eternally in hell. Happy?" —B4IN comment
  • "This is an old picture drawn of me, the present King of Shambhala, as prophecied in the ancient Kalachakra Apocalypse teachings of Tibet." —[]
  • "Say the sentence “Obama is the Antichrist” bwa bwa bwa!" —B4IN comment
  • "Hurry to spread the word worldwide – even to China – or you’ll be damned if you hesitate for just one single minute." —B4IN comment
  • "It says in the Bible the Messiah (me) throws everybody in the world into hell, including the antichrist. And all the Christians, all the buddhists, everybody in the world will be thrown into hell. The only people who will be saved at the messengers of the apocalypse." —Ustream
  • "I’ve got supernatural miraculous powers which are that I’m using video and articles/ and the written and spoken words." —B4IN article
  • "I’ll save everybody who follows me. But you have to follow blindly and not argue. I’ll not argue, I’ll just throw you into hell instead." —B4IN comment
  • "Don’t turn back or you’ll be turned to a pillar of salt. Follow me. I’m right and everybody else is wrong." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m the Messiah. The Obots can’t do anything about that. They’ll all be judged in the Last Judgement. hahahahaha" —B4IN comment
  • "My work is described in the Bible. “During the Apocalypse, the Messiah throws people into hell.”" —B4IN comment
  • "The Bible prophecy is that Iran and others will attack Israel to destroy it, allying the world behind them. Then the Messiah will halt the attacks against Israel in mid-air. And then the Apocalypse will destroy most of the world. I’ve stopped the attack by Iran in mid-air now." —BIN comment

The Army of Truth

  • "I’ve not saved any yet [username]. Many are called but few are chosen. It’s zero right now, none have good karma so as to be saved." —B4IN comment
  • "Then these last few days, following those revelations of privte information, violent arguments erupted on my articles that caused a crackdown on comments from BIN admins. Either way, it appears that something is in preparation. Maybe it’s the Apocalypse and Antichrist’s fall is under way." —B4IN article
  • "Write your names in the comments and count yourselves and we’ll rule the world for a thousand years." —B4IN article
  • "I’m ready to pull the plug on Obama. I just need to rally the people of good faith and who beleive in the Truth." —B4IN article
  • "If I just had 50 people who joined me among the thousands who are reading this article. I could kick off the Apocalypse if you join me. Just a handful of five people could pull off the Apocalypse. Even just one good person and it’d work. Even half a person, – a nitwit who had faith – it could do the trick, the Apocalypse could be broken out" —B4IN comment
  • "Anyone want to reveal the Antichrist and kick off the Apocalypse? Anyone want to go to heaven? Last call for going to heaven…" —B4IN comment
  • "I’m stopping Obama cold and starting the Battle of Truth from right now." —B4IN comment, August 2013
  • "No one can and no one must be held outside and not be accepted among our ranks of the “Chosen”. Whoever you are: be it woman, man, conservative, liberal, alternative, rich, poor, black, white, gay, or straight, all must unite against the “Evil-On-Earth”, the Antichrist." —B4IN article
  • "Everything rests upon MY shoulders [username]. I’ve been there done that. Tried to get people to share the burden and no one did." —B4IN comment
  • "That’s not what the Bible says to do [username]. I want to go to heaven don’t you? it says go join the Messengers of the Apocalypse because they’ll get to heaven and just them the 144 000 chosen, so don’t get fresh air OR relax, just do it." —B4IN comment
  • "Don’t betray the Army. Stick close together in battle formation; mark our flanks for each of us; and to each other we must have got their back." —B4IN comment
  • "You’re not part of the Army, Wretched Infidel." —B4IN comment
  • "Join the Messengers of the Apocalypse which will save you and guaranteee you your place in heaven. The method is easy. This is it: Just post this message everywhere worldwide and have people join us and spread this by passing this letter on to all media, to all countries, to all languages,… Chinese, Russian etc…everywhere. People must reveal this to everybody on earth […]" —B4IN article
  • "I’ve got no followers. I’m alone. In the Apocalypse everybody will be thrown into hell." —B4IN comment

Citizen journalism

  • "Take these pictures and just post them in an article and add any old text below it, such as: "Strange that numbers 666 were present on Page 2 to Obama's victory front-page headline news." —B4IN article
  • "When the first soldier of truth steps forth and makes this article using these three photos above then the avalanche will snowball and we’ll be looking at a vast broad-based movement of people moving towards the truth of the apocalypse and spreading to the world with this message and reaching everyone in the world everywhere." —B4IN article
  • "Make loads of articles with those three pictures and save yourself because if you don’t spread the news of the Antichrist you’ll burn in his hell next to him." —B4IN comment
  • "i’ll tell u how to know what’s going on if u send me money send me money now and when it’s registered i’ll tell u ok? I’ll send it if u send money" —B4IN comment
  • "u want to know what about my money? / i’ll tell u / i won’t tell u what’s going on / if u don’t pay me u’ll get nothing / if u don’t pay u’ll get nothing / psst!" —B4IN comment
  • "If u think i use too authoritarian language and manners then make a forking article yourself" —B4IN comment
  • "As long as you post crap it’s OK. You’re not harming anyone. Just post meaningless crap that’s OK." —B4IN comment
  • "Try slandering. Smearing. Lying also works to attack someone if you can’t face someone frontally." —B4IN comment
  • "Look at my articles. A littering of hecklers’ posts. It’s becoming an infestation of garbage." —B4IN comment
  • Make an article about me at BIN describing what I say and telling people I’m crazy if you really think I’m crazy. If you’re not afraid of what I say tell the world. Tell people what I say and make fun of it." —B4IN comment
  • "I also make typos." —B4IN comment
  • "Oops! I messed that up. I wanted to say Adams said Obama’s not the Antichrist. I think I drank too much coffee. hahaha What the heck this’ll be OK like this too." —B4IN comment
  • "There are no viewers to this article so no need to comment." —B4IN comment
  • "Comments are blocked on this article because of being at the bandwidth limit?" —B4IN comment after mods deleted a lot of his comments about "farggots" and "what does feces smell like? just askin'"
  • "Don’t say ugly things and think before you write things here because it makes you look bad to do that." —B4IN comment
  • "I made that into an article tee hee tee hee!" —B4IN comment
  • "DOn’t have time to write rite, when you read this you better be left already. Left the house I mean not left like right and left." —B4IN article
  • "Jeesus this article is moving like hell. VIRAAAAAAAAL!" —B4IN comment
  • "My latest article was taken down because they couldn’t handle the music." —B4IN comment
  • "It doesn’t matter to be right. What counts is who’s right in the end." —B4IN comment
  • "The liberal trash is so clueless I’ll not even put up their comments. They’re retards and imbeciles. I’m moving on to good stuff and turning my back on stupid and ugly people who don’t have a thing to say." —dumb enough to announce censorship of comments at
  • "OK. So let me see, hner, got to try to… got to try to figure out, er, okay. I'm er figured out how to turn this video off because (laughs) haslfrfr. Okay pee-people, so I hope you appreciate this video. Bye bye." —[
  • "This hair-raising report from a best-selling book by a former Secret Service agents working for Obama is astounding. Obama had 20-30 gay partners a day and prayed to Allah all day. He forced the SS agent to listen to Diana Ross at full volume day and night until he finally left because of that. […] I checked this story out and it’s true." B4IN article (the story was a blatant hoax from

Logic, math and science

  • "As for his Chicago Illinois State lottery the three 666 draws that come up every year don’t come up the same day as Obama’s victory. That’s happened once and will never happen again." —B4IN comment
  • "There’s no chance the world’s most powerful man be elected the same day as the lottery draw of 666." —B4IN comment
  • "It’s that 666 means nothing because it’s a coincidence. What nonsense! The chances of it drawing the same day as Obama’s election are incredibly small." —B4IN comment
  • "No matter if that's true or not (which it may well be, why not?), but the defining factor of being gay is not being a decorator, but being a sodomite, because if one is not sodomite, one's not gay. It's logics. All decorators are not gay. All gays are not decorators. But all gays are sodomites. It reads like a Greek Mathematical Archimedes Equation. There's no escaping the logics of it all. No sodomy and you're not gay. Period." —B4IN essay
  • "Herr Hitler, would you also sterlize people who write honnest with two nns? You’re an illiterate ugly fool." (emphasis mine) —B4IN comment
  • "Cracking the 666 enigma is really easy for someone of my intellectual bredth, stature and grasp." —B4IN comment
  • "Dirty is dirty by logic but gays say gay sex is good and thus that king of dirty is also good. I think gays should know that they’re wrong. Dirty is not good and they can’t say that dirty is clean because no matter what they say, dirty will always still remain dirty." —B4IN comment
  • "What’s the chance of a US president getting elected and having 666 drawn the same day? I drove my car today and hit 666 on the mileage." —B4IN comment
  • "Statistically it’s impossible for the lottery to draw 666 the exact day of Obama’s victory." —B4IN article
  • "yes it “coincides” – but it’s heaven pulling the strings so what’s aid is it “seems” it coincides but there is no chance, it’s a miracle or a supernatural omen or sign but you’ll not even know what any of that means seeing u’re dumb and dummer" —B4IN comment
  • "Africans are cannibals, and Kenya is in Africa, Obama's a Kenyan, so he's an African, so he's a Cannibal." —B4IN comment
  • "666 occurs once on the day after the election of the world’s most powerful man and it happened for Antichrist Obama. It’s once every 6000 years and it’s now." —B4IN comment
  • "The chances for 666 to draw that day are very small. Saying it’s a miracle is very certain. Much less certain than modern science." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m using outside sources and not just opinion, seeing I’m using Yahoo Answers" —B4iN comment
  • "Obama’s facts are so much more crystal-clear than any Romney or Reagan or Clinton conspuiracy theory about them being the Antichrist. With Obama’s is proven, clear and certain. Look at my Yahoo Answers’ copies and pastes." —B4IN comment
  • "Don’t listen to this idiot about 999. The Apocalypse is about 6666. Nothing else." —B4IN comment
  • "I empty my head and run for it, that’s all, I don’t want to know anything about anything thanks." —B4IN comment
  • "Studies show homosexuality kills just as the Bible says i.e. “Turn away from Sodom or be turned into a pillar of salt” which means you’ll be infected and the bacteria will corrupt your body and rot it through and through." —B4IN comment
  • "My arguments are comprehensible if you’re intelligent and have a handsome morality." —B4IN article
  • "You have to use logic or you’re just talking empty hot air. 666 shows up all the time such as f. ex. in mileage meters on cars etc…. So to be the real Antichrist it (666) has to address the election of the world’s most powerful man like itdid with Obama and the Illinois Lottery." —B4IN comment on someone else's article
  • "Modern Science claims to have knowledge. It has none, as it doesn’t master or know a thing about Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. It’s ignorant and ugly. Tantrism masters the veins and channels of the body from isnde which Modern Science DOES NOT." —B4IN comment
  • "[Username], u’re right. only 78 million people think Obama’s the AC, 78M is not many people, just the population of Greater LA. NY, Chicago, DC, SF, Boston, Philly, Dallas-FW COMBINED (no that’s not MUCH is it MORON!? Do you think ever?). All those 78 are stupid and u’re smart, right?" —B4IN comment (by the same poll, at least 229 million people think that Obama is not the Antichrist)
  • "666 appears everywhere all the time in all situations." —BIN comment
  • "[…] and remember that (in a recent poll) two in three Tea Parties believe Obama’s the Antichrist." —B4IN comment
  • "Einstein claimed miraculous events can happen with no problem. One can live at the same time as one’s grandparents like in “Back to the Future” or the “Time Machine”" —B4IN comment
  • "Richard Dawkins and Einstein agree miracles are possible to happen and be witnessed in this world." —B4IN comment
  • "A mad professor Albert Einst who spawns his Creature the A-Bomb and then goes whimpering his malaise the world over, like a f*aggot. Once he’s let the genius out of the bottle. What a loser." —B4IN comment
  • "Having anal sex kills you: research has shown." —B4IN comment
  • "Because 666 is money as it was drawn in the lottery which means money. That’s a logical thinking-progression which not many poeple can follow." —B4IN comment
  • "If TEPCO and now the Japanese government, don’t cool off the Fukushima reactors, they’ll blow up like atom bombs and we’ll all die instantly. Fukushima is hundreds of times stronger than Chernobyl and tens of thousands of times stronger than Hiroshima, so all trace of life on Earth would be terminated, right away." —B4IN article
  • "The world population is so old now that we’ll see most of it die in just a few years, 15 to 20 at most. Europe’s mostly old people and so is the USA, as is China and Russia, it’s just Africa and India with a few young people left." —B4IN comment
  • "You can save yourself in heaven, [username], because on earth the radiations will be so strong we won’t be able to eat the food soon." —B4IN comment
  • "666 can be seen anywhere. I live in France and 666 is a common occurrence on car licenses, you can see dozens of 666s during a day’s drive – just as an example among any range of similar 666s at all times, anywhere in the whole wide world." —B4IN comment
  • "There’s no denying the numbers marked Obama and that this is a heavenly supernatural mark. The chances are too great for it to be chance. And if it’s chance then it’s just Obama’s ill-luck to be marked by this chance-destiny." —B4iN article
  • "Khan Hulagu killed 250 000 people in Baghdad. In modern figures 12 million. Incredible." —Twitter
  • "Don’t spend time proving I’m not the Messiah. Spend it on sending yourself to hell." —B4IN comment
  • "One in four people think that Obama MAY be the antichrist, and one in eight think Obama IS the antichrist, you know, so in one case one in four think maybe he's the antichrist, you know, so that doesn't really mean anything. I don't take that, I don't think, I don't think that means anything. But it is, it is a heavy indication. But the decisive thing for me is that one in eight say yes, they think Obama is the antichrist. One in eight! One in eight! Not one in ten, one in eight!" —UStream video, 45:30
  • "Heaven spoke through the lottery but there are many numbers but heaven still spoke through the lottery and those who don’t see it won’t go to heaven so that question’s dealt with and settled. Next question." —B4IN comment
  • "Who needs a reliable source… Heaven’s ways are unfathomable." —B4IN comment
  • "If you’re so “proud” in your words, then you must love your arseholes. Right? “Elementary my Dear Dr Watson.”" —B4IN comment


  • "But this is my question: "Inside yourself do you feel, you're Satan?" ——— Imagine Obama's face when I deliver him that wallop. I can see the dude decomposing like a vampire at daylight in front of us on prime time TV. Give me your alternate scripts for the meeting/confrontation. What do you think? I don't think any violence is needed and this can go down like gentlemen shooting it out at OK Corral." "Give me 5 minutes with Obama and I'll turn him into a shivering homo. No, give me thirty seconds with him and I'll do it. Shoot! Give me half a second and I'll spook him with a loud "666"!" "Al Capone did it and ruled over the place Obama lives in, – Chicago,- for ten long years. Kevin Costner did him in, and caught him on tax evasion and locked him up for eleven years. Errr; Elliott Ness caught Capone. Not Costner. Ness was Norwegian, and I'm Norwegian so I guess we have that Viking blood to beat Europeans like Capone or Africans like Obama." —amazing OTP fan fiction
  • "But it's explainable: by the fact that the entire judical and legal system, was blackmailed by Obama by him saying: "Don't you judges, uncover any one single detail about me, or else I'll reveal Bush's frauds with the 9/11thing"" —B4IN article
  • "I wonder if he felt good about having sex up the arse with his father. How does he feel about that today. I say we should gather a panel of people to talk about that: “How do you, Barack Hussein Obama, feel about the gay sex-up-the-arse, incestful relation with your father?” I see a panel with Chris Olbermann, Maddow, Chris”Tingle-Leg”Matthews, Ed Schulz, Lawrence O’Donnell, George Stephanopoulos." —B4IN comment
  • "I said you could contact the FBI and get paid for hassling me 24 24, that’s what I said. I didn’t say you work for them. I said that doing what you’re doing, i.e. refusing to post articles using your permission to access front page, which i’m denied, you could get paid for it by the CIA. Hefty pay. Theyd see you as a plantworker going into the nculear radioactive heart. You’d be directly fighting the prophecy. YOu’d be doing Satan’s direct nuclear active work. That’s pure sin. That’s what takes you straight to hell. They’d pay you in diamonds. They’d say “You’re refusing to post that obama’s the Antichreist? That’s worth it’s weight in gold sir.”" —B4IN comment
  • " Imagining: Jay Carney walked in and was asked: “What can you say about the Illinois Lottery draw of 666 in Chicago the day after Obama’s election? Does that show Obama is the Antichrist?” Jay Carney: “That’s just an accusation. That’s not a legitimate question.” Question: “But Newsweek made an article asking ‘Is Obama the Antichrist?’” Jay Carney: “We preferred not to tell the president and he’s is not aware of it. We want the public to know we cannot say if this is true, one way or another. We want to public to believe Obama is NOT THE ANTICHRIST. The Republicans are spinning a story again.”" —B4IN article
  • "Being a homosexual means you’re dirty. This message must be hammered in the press and Obama should stand up and make a speech: “Ladies and getlemen, there are a bunch of folks out there who are homosexuals (Obama is one of them) and I’m all for equality and freedom to do what you want, but male homosexuality is filthy, disgusting and dangerous. I don’t encouarge people to do parachute jumping beause it has a high death-rate so also I don’t encourage homosexual bahaviour. (It’s male homosexuals who are at risk – not lesbians seeing they don’t have anal sex.) (Males homosexuals are the ones dying out there.) (Lesbians don’t do anal sex.)”." —B4IN comment
  • "So, the CIA had a good team, yielding good results, working on my case, 24 7, for upwards of the five years I’ve posted to BIN… writing my (continuously Anti-Obama) articles and comments. Obama had to target me. I’m the only one in the world saying Obama’s marked by 666, which showed up in Illinois’ Lottery, the day after his election. I’m “famous” at the NSA. I’m a marked man. At NSA headquarters they must have a bull’s eye with my pic in the middle." —B4IN article
  • Obama’s White House has said: “Get Geir Smith.” —B4IN article
  • "In the evening, [Obama] watched the evening news which featured his special election edition." —B4IN article
  • "Yeah I take this too seriously….
  • I wonder what Obama takes seriously. His secretary comes in and Obama says: “How’s it going with Donald Trump?” “There are people gathering around Sheriff Joe Arpaio to ask Trump to help reveal your bogus birth certificate. A small group is gathering at BeforeItsNews saying you’re the Antichrist claiming you’re going to sue for libel.” Obama’ll answer: “How can I sue for libel, someone who says I’m the Antichrist? That won’t hold in court. Over 50 million people say they think I’m the Antichrist in a poll. And the lottery in my hometown Chicago drew the Mark of the Beast 666 the day after my election. I don’t want more publicity than that. Its easy to throw at me that I’m the Antichrist. I just want to avoid it STICKING ON ME. Try using the race card AGAIN to call them racists, so as to try to deflect the Antichrist thing, OK! I can’t take the Antichrist thing on top of the pressure from Trump day and day out 24 7 now. He’s wearing me down.” Said Obama. Obama: “I want this all to stop. I feel like Hitler in his Bunker. I’m exhausted with making believe I’m an honest person. People know I’m the Antichrist NOW. So, yeah, I’m Obama the ANTICHRIST! BOOM! Say it! I’m Barack Hussein The Antichrist.”"-BIN

Enjoying life

  • "Doing sports is stupsports are useless losses of time and effort." —B4IN comment


  • "BeforeItsNews has now been freed of censoring me, because I contacted the owner, to denounce the gay employees who were blocking my articles, which revealed Obama was the Antichrist […] " —B4IN article
  • "someone at b4in is messing around with my links to protect Obama / he’s got moles inside b4in" —B4IN comment
  • "kitze’ll tell that [the fact that B4IN is not oppressing Geir and merely has some bugs] to st peter at the pearly gates" —B4IN comment
  • "u wopprk with litze? Are you or do you work with Kitze? Is the Arizona vote in favor of the birthers? I said you could contact the FBI and get paid for hassling me 24 24, that’s what I said. I didn’t say you work for them. I said that doing what you’re doing, i.e. refusing to post articles using your permission to access front page, which i’m denied, you could get paid for it by the CIA. Hefty pay. Theyd see you as a plantworker going into the nculear radioactive heart. You’d be directly fighting the prophecy. YOu’d be doing Satan’s direct nuclear active work. That’s pure sin. That’s what takes you straight to hell. They’d pay you in diamonds. They’d say “You’re refusing to post that obama’s the Antichreist? That’s worth it’s weight in gold sir.”" —B4IN comment
  • "Kitze’s B4IN is no longer of any meaning to me" —B4IN comment, March 2011
  • "Chris(t), is talking about Sodomizing Netiquette Yes or No?" —B4IN comment
  • "u’re putting a cramp on my style / first downrating me from reporter to contributor twice up and down / next stopping my access to front page / etc… / now u’ve done everything u could excpet close my account" —B4IN comment
  • "He’s a cop-style trolling the articles and comments like a guard on Death Row. He says he’s not part of B4IN but I don’t beleive anything he says because he lies all the time. I suspect him of being the owner of B4IN who’s known me for a couple of years and he bought the pictures of 666 i the article above. Chris Kitze, he’s famous." —B4IN comment
  • "people supporting the antichrist Obama-satan like [username] and Chris Kitze-Anonymous are forces of satan supporting obama-satan" —B4IN comment
  • "Someone (who?) banned me from comments at BIN. Probably as a revenge measure for this article I made yesterday calling FOR SCOTUS TO GIVE OBAMA SENTENCE FOR HIGH TREASON." —B4IN comment
  • "Check the link in the article (the bottom link). I can’t send the link here or BIN will ban me, they hate me now, I’m becoming too successul with the show and articles COMbined." —B4IN comment
  • "At BeforeItsNews there’s endless crap being written, which is the same as the Nazis wrote and also the same craziness which the secret societies spread." —B4IN article
  • "So you get these crazy freaks that come to beforeitsnews and say really crazy things are beforeitsnews! [makes funny face] Coz really scared!" —Ustream video, 17:00
  • "I searched hundreds of forums and blogs and websites for several years and finally happened upon a strange and bizarre website called BeforeItsnews where they talked about UFOs, strange things and craziness. I was instantly adopted by them as one of theirs’." —B4IN article


  • "Do you know [Lisa Miller] ? Did she ask for nothing to be said about her writings ? I can understand that. It's understandable. A Wiki page could be a headache." —Wikipedia talk page
  • "I find it quite comical to act as you peoples' punching ball and no one being able to decide where this info, which is legit, should go. It's like arguing parents." —Wikipedia talk*
  • "If you make a sentence [on Wikipedia], they say 'but that sentence has a double-meaning, y'know, you're saying one thing but also implying another thing, we don't want that, we want that sentence to mean what we want you to mean, we don't want you to mean what you want to mean, you cannot mean what you want to mean, you have to mean what we want you to mean, heh, and you have to mean,' they say, that was, [whispering] that was what killed me, why that killed me, that astounded me, it was hair-raising. [shouting] They said, "We want you to mean what we mean." [laughs] We want you to mean [coughs] we want you to mean what we mean. The guy said to me, 'don't try to edit Wikipedia to say that 666 was drawn in the Illinois lottery the day after Obama's election [laughs, snorts] he said "don't try to edit that into Wikipedia" [laughs] y'know? But it's a fact the lottery drew 666 in in Chicago the day after [laughs] day after Obama's election. I mean, whether he likes that or not, that's reality. [laughs] He said don't edit that into Wikipedia, as if that idiot was going to decide what I'm going to do, y'know? 'Coz I'm, I'm, I'm, I am going to edit that in. Like that idiot who said that to me, I mean, er, he's finished. I mean, he's had his life, right. His life has been five years of Obama. That's finished. That guy is finished. He's history. He's finished. Finished. That's, aaaah, that's a finished page. That's the past." —Ustream video, 11:25
  • "Coz why is Wikipedia on completely cr-errr errr panicking? I mean, beforeitsnews must be feeling some pressure that they have never seen before in their life. But Wikipedia is gone completely crazy. Completely crazy. Th-th-that's like a madhouse over there. Because of me." —Ustream video, 17:10
  • "The Apocalypse will be if I can find the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Their mission will be to enter Wikipedia and start editing articles which are vital to Obama." —B4IN comment
  • "What you should do is you should go to the talk page, you should go to that talk page and you talk there. Yeah, no, no, no, I don't wanna, I don't wanna go to, er, Wikipedia, to er, to edit it. I'm not interested in that. What I'm interested in is getting people to edit Wikipedia. Like anybody. You, er, you for example, xposehym, you, you can go on and edit Wikipedia. Or this other guy here, WikiAdmin, he can go and edit Wikipedia. Anybody can do it. So I want to get people to go and edit Wikipedia, and I want to tell them what to do, what to say, and er, what, what to write. That's how we do it. That's the best way to do it. Cause I don't want, I don't want anybody, y'know, er, I don't want anybody attacking me. I want other people to do my work." —UStream, 37:10
  • "I’m editing Wikipedia to enter that Obama’s the Antichrist. Join me. We need to have a majority to attain “consensus” and force our ideas upon the Wikipedia staff. Don’t tell people my name there." —B4IN comment
  • "HAHAHAHA PSYCHOOOOOOOOOOS! I’ll grind Wikipedia to a pulp and then send Obama to the chair via SCOTUS and the US law on treason. I AM A MYSTIC." —B4IN comment
  • "First thing I’ll do when Obama falls is edit Wikipedia to say Obama’s the Antichrist. hahahahahahahahahahaha" —B4IN comment
  • "Wikipedia wanted to stop me from editing that Obama’s been cursed by 666 in the lottery which makes him look like the Antichrist; so maybe that’s what they want to block me from saying here [at B4IN] too." —B4IN comment
  • "What’s wrong with Wikipedia? Mental problems. If Wikipedia has mental problems they should stop doing what they’re doing. Why not? Stop doing what you’re doing if you’re incompetent." —B4IN comment

Other internet users

  • "I hit raw nerves. I said "6 out of 10 people think Obama's not American, so here at Wikipedia either you're an outpost of desperado Obama-crazies (this name hurt them and they said so "We're not Obama-crazies !") or else you're way off the mainstream."" —B4IN article
  • "This is the last time I’m addressing the gay trolls on my comments claiming I’m angry." —B4IN comment
  • "Canadian [female username]. I don’t know if you’re a woman or man. Anal sex stinks." —B4IN comments
  • "Are you a woman or man [female username]? really. Tell us. Are you a woman or man? Just tell us. it’s very simple you know. Maybe you should call yourself a “Wam.” A Manwoman. In any case if you consider yourself as bisexual and half man and half woman then still, anal sex is filthy." —B4IN comments
  • "Where have all the Obama-cowards gone who have been attacking me for the last three years? […] Now that Trump’s out in front by nine percent and the Arizona legislature’s voted through the eligibility law, they’ve run like vampires at daylight and hyenas hit by stones." —B4IN comment on an article that nobody had commented on
  • "Every commenter here will be a false christ and not gain heaven." —B4IN comment before anyone has commented!
  • "Truthbomb ran away because I asked him if you and him were different handles for the same man. He can come back, use his Truthbomb handle and tell me: “Yes, Anonymous and me are the same piece of excrement.”" —B4IN comment
  • "He refused to say so much as hello. He sent rick rolls. He never did anything I suggested and complained that I didn’t obey him. He’s now headed for hell and that’s good. He deserves it." —B4IN comment
  • "an ugly emtpy stupid brain. U r that." —B4IN comment
  • "You come across as so stupid, so we’re all kind of curious to know how you could become so idiotic. Tell us. Give us insight into what an idiot like you could have done in life until now ok?" —B4IN comment
  • "psyops? / what rock do u crawl out from under man? / u a spy for radicals? / u work for che guevara? / incidentally stop smearing me / it’s annoying" —B4IN comment
  • "He’s not in control at all. He says things which are outrageous like wanting to kill 6 000 000 000 people. Figure… He’s a crackpot admit it." —B4IN comment*
  • "Don’t use a piece of paper. You’re not intelligent enough nor have the culture to write anything. All your comments are pure trash." —B4IN comment
  • "You’re like desperate people who can’t understand their relative is dead and they weep on his tombstone and talk to an empty stone." —B4IN comment*
  • "Why are you spending time every day posting to my particles when there’s a world out there, losers." —B4IN comment*
  • "the crapholes here are not going anywhere they’re just sitting on their arses." —B4IN comment
  • "I think you’re too obsessed with the predictions. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" —B4IN comment
  • "We already know 100% what you think and there’s no mystery (i.e. Obama’s sooo cool, he’s black and he’s a commie and he’s a liberal left-winger just like meeeeeeeee. I guess you don’t give a damn he’s given the USA double it’s debt, in three and half years!!!!!!!!!!!!Each American father, mother, grand parents and grand children, 51000$ in debt!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Antichrist….Obama.)." —B4IN comment
  • "Wow [username], glad to meet you. Not often one an meet an actual ugly idiot." —B4IN comment
  • "Do your own homework or else just shut up. I’m not your teacher damn it." —B4IN comment
  • "shut ur mouth when u talk" —B4IN comment
  • "the “Anonymous” is nothing but a false christ announced by the Bible." —B4iN comment
  • "You’re not even worthy of so much as answering, you mental loon-case." —B4IN comment
  • "You’re the pathetic parrot." —B4IN comment
  • "The only sodomite here would be you, you farggot and your little boyfriend, the gay Obama." —B4IN comment
  • "Oh I guess you work for the chinese embassy" —B4IN comment
  • "THey spam because they want me to shut up about all things they can’t stand. If they looked at themselves they’d think: “i’m forking working for the Chinks. I love the Antichrist Obmaa. I’m a servant of Satan.”" —B4IN comment
  • "This [username] is an Obot I suspect. So, go for him people. Someone should go get this guy and string up some rope over a limb down south." —B4IN comment
  • "I think you may be a psycholgical madman and for sure a rogue cop and I hope you don’t have a badge anymore because you can say goodbye to any work for the cops anymore. Not with the kind of hate you’re spreading on Internet mixed with threats: that’s a no-no on Internet plus you announce to people you’re a cop because that’s strictly forbdidden." —B4IN comment
  • "I've become the most trolled person on BIN, excepting maybe Orly Taitz, who's gotten a remarkable and famous amount of trolling and harrassment. She's the object of frequent and many death threats, stalking and harrassment. But I'm up there, very close to that now." —B4IN article
  • "[Username] you’re nothing and you’re not Geir Smith; I’m Geir Smith and you’re not. I’m the king and you’re the mindless spy in the shadows. You’re the freak in the shadows. You’re a shadow." —B4IN article
  • "6666666666″Forke the forke off”666666666666666 and forke you too" —B4IN article
  • "I can’t believe you’re tracking my junk back years. I can’t believe your handlers are so crazy." —B4IN comment
  • "Fundie-demon loon. I don’t talk to a backward Bible Belt Hick. You’re a cult, mad and a degenerated, retarded, idiotic, ugly imbecile." —B4IN comment
  • "You’ve been deleted. Happy? You’re an evil person. That’s all." —B4IN article
  • "Well take you beauty and stuff it OK, you antichrist!" —B4IN comment
  • "It seems the demons has unlimited amounts of time. They’re probably paid to spend time and sow garbage 24 24." —B4IN comment
  • "The demons who write to my article in comments are freaks. Don’t follow these demons. I’m the way and I alone and not them, despite all the efforts they put into being better than me IN THEIR MIND." —B4IN comment
  • "This is not a joke Jeff. Why do you think this is a joke? Your comment is suspicious. Are you hiding for Obama? […] You're suspicious. Do you work for Washington? Look like a spy, Jeff. Jeff, you look suspicious." — comment in response to a user simply asking "Is this some kind of joke?"
  • "Watch out. I've been heckled for four years every day by a group of people who work for Obama 24 7. These people are driven and this is what they do for a living, paid by the CIA. BE careful. They've got a training and don't answer like normal people. They're trained to trick you and to lie. Evil 150% " —topix post
  • "ROTFLMAO what idiot ugly people. They don’t seem to realize I’m making fun of them." —B4IN comment*
  • "I want to share in this solemn moment the defeat and destruction of Obama and all his work (he’ll be repealed, arrested and executed by SCOTUS on Hi Treason as per the law.) Things are getting dire for Obama so I wanted to announce this on the nice occasion of Scum Rowan’s death [… usual antichrist stuff]" —B4IN comment on an article about a user who had died
  • "I always say to this or that troll, who troll/heckled my articles: “Admit it! You’re a CIA shill and paid-poster.”" —B4IN article
  • "I’ve had two of his raticles banned and loads of his criminal comments and I’m getting the crap-grabage banned as soon as I can lay hands on that anal dung of a piece of crap." —B4IN comment
  • "You’re a slimy piece of garbage to have the gall to come here and bald-facedly lie that the government’s not corrupt, [username]." —B4IN comment
  • " I tell them when he’s made a new ID because he can’t hide who he is and always says the same stupid ugly threats. […] He has to do crime whenever they give him the mic. He’s driven. MARX MARX MARX. hehehe" —B4IN comment*
  • "Video links are broken …" "Liar, video links ARE NOT BROKEN, [username], you’re a liar, you’re a gov paid shill." —BIN comment
  • "What I'm going to do is, I'm going to get rid of [username]'s comments. [username]'s comments are just crap, actually. [username] because wha wha why do I get rid of [username]'s comments is because [username] is, [username] is, er, a person who is paid by Obama to, er, hehehehe, [username]'s like a [silly voice] mental case [normal voice] who's er, hehehehe, has nothing to do, he has like no job or whatever…" —UStream
  • "I’ve been booted from all Internet for saying Obama’s the Antichrist; that the Tribulations of the Apocalypse and all who boot me are condemned to hell" —B4IN comment
  • "Look at the dumbing down votes of comments here. They want to suppress the truth by voting comments down. It’s so suspicious." —B4IN comment
  • "Peoeple in comments who contest me but show no knoweldge, are totally illegitimate, unqualifed and MUST SHUT UP THEIR UGLY MOUTHES." —B4IN comment
  • "These [B4IN "trolls"] are like my grandchildren. I know these guys personally." BlogTalkRadio, 40:12


  • "We’ll annul the debt when Obama’s jailed because we’ll cancel Obamacare, the bailouts and Stimuluses and we’ll get back all out money immediately." —B4IN comment
  • "Yeah, it’s good because when all his signed legislation will be annulled, the debt will go straight down. Obamacare will be annulled. The Stimuluses will be found illegal. The buyouts will have been illegal and the debt clock will start ticking downards on the spot so we can keep it ticking down until it’s over. […] In ten minutes we’ll be making money like crazy. We can give old used cars for the gov to drive around in ROFLMAO" —B4IN comment
  • "Obama made the economy flourish by bailing out and doing the Stimulus. He made food stamps flourish and he gave good times to the poor on welfare. He doubled the debt for every American and it’s the poor – mostly blacks – who harvested that money." —B4IN comment

Imagining the real world

  • "One local Christian from my village told me what he thought – when I got back to him two years after I first told him and his family that Obama was marked by 666. I happened to meet him by chance and asked: “I sent you the links showing Obama was marked by 666 in the Chicago Lottery, so why haven’t you reacted and done something? You’re Christian and this is YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINE, I’m Buddhist. Damn it.”" —B4IN article

Contradiction/hypocrisy corner

  • "I like everybody no matter who they are, what their religion is, what their faith is. I respect and I have, er, the most admiration for everybody. There's one thing about Obama which started me off is that he has this Muslim past. That's one thing which I cannot accept." —YouTube video
  • "You lousy piece of crap saying I’m not polite." —B4IN comment
  • "Smile and the world smiles back at you, you farggots." —B4iN comment
  • "The can’t hide their fascist liberal ways." —B4IN comment
  • "The truth is what kills the troll. The money the trolls live off must be paid by Obama seeing they defend their god the Antichrist aka Satan-Obama 24 7 since trolling all my articles since four years now." —B4IN comment
  • "Liberals are crazy and spawned Hitler, Mao and Stalin." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m the only one revealing this. Even an ugly idiot like you can see that makes me the Saviour, Jesus’s 2d coming and Messiah." * vs "No one’s reported the Illinois Lottery is fixed. Only you. You’re a tin-foil loon." *
  • "Ad hominem attacks reflect those doing them. I’m the messenger of the truth. You’re attacking the messenger not the message." […] "You’re a vampire and all you can do is distract from the topic by attacks." —adjacent B4IN comments
  • "“The man’s world of anuses.” aka the ARMY"* vs "Join my army of the Apocalypse."*
  • "I’m not Christians, so the Christian Messiah is not Christian and Jesus’ Second Coming’s not Christian." —B4IN article
  • "Your future is known / It’s hell / that’ll be a big change for you moron / it’ll be hotter than me in thailand"* vs "Some Christians went ballistic and started wishing hellfire and damnation upon me. I knew these were serious basket cases by that time."*
  • "So, we need all our forces instead, and not to be splintering and dividing among ourselves. No division or divisiveness can separate us – or/and must be allowed to divide us. No group or denomination must be allowed to make a boundary between any whosoever of us. Any of us can be the messenger of the Truth and spread the news to the world that Obama’s the Antichrist."* vs "Honestly, to me Christianity means zilch, nada, even less than being Ronald [McDonald] the Clown. Christianity is meaningless and fake to me. It's worse than anything to me, almost as evil as Islam." etc.*
  • "666 isn’t any ugly lucky number as you say. It’s the Number of Man. 666 is heaven’s miracle sent to save our souls. […] You people are cherry-picking your facts. That’s not scientific. That’s fact-picking." —B4IN comment
  • "Who’s the jackass you’re stupid and ugly and when you wrote this “Your a jackass shamba blah lol just like Obama and Buddhism oh and France. It seems the Bible is just to advance for your mind to comprehend . Christ love is to complex for your soul to understand” you made (five) six-seven mistakes; it should read “You’rE a jackass shamba blah lol just like Obama and Buddhism oh and France. It seems the Bible is just toO advanceD for your mind to comprehend . Christ’S love is toO complex for your soul to understand” Soooooooo who’s the jackass? Nazi. Now roll over the go back to sleep, you’re too lazy to even study. Moron." —B4IN comment (his mistakes : "you made (five) six-seven mistakes", "roll over the go back to sleep")
  • "I swear you’ll go to jail if you make threats." —B4IN comment
  • "Don’t criticise other, criticise yourself [username]. (Buddha says)" […] "Shut up your freaking mouth arsehole." —nearby B4IN comments
  • "I’m the Messiah. You’re still such a poor loser [username]. Take your meds, sucker." —B4IN comment
  • "personal attacks are forbidden online and if you make personal threats live you’ll go to jail for it, you damn lesbian" —B4IN comment
  • "You have to be the false christs demons’ Army of the Antichrist Obama." [then, to the same user:] "[Username] is a CIA paid shill. Four years of posting garbage following Saul Alinsky’s tactics of demonizing the adversary."
  • "The Obots always operate the same way: never address the subject and only use trolling-techniques i.e. insult, belittling (no problem, I’ll be suing them in court or/and throwing them into hell when the Day of Last Judgment comes soon now.), smearing." —B4IN article
  • "Schizoprehnics always say others are crazy so be very careful in the comments here. They’re either paid by Obama or really demented." —B4IN comment
  • "You Norwegians are backwards hicks and…" followed by a full three paragraphs written in Norwegian, because Geir is a quarter Norwegian. —B4IN comment
  • "[…] you think that just ad-hominem spoof is a valid argument? What are you? Kids? If you don’t kow where Obama’s dad is then shut up. You’re monorons." —
  • "It’s a TOS breach to slander. Obots have been monitoring my articles for years. Why? What’s wrong in their crazy heads?" —B4IN comment
  • "Threatening everybody on BIN with means you’re a sorry peice of garbage." —B4IN comment*
  • "Give your name and address if you’re not a sneaky criminal trolling on BIN." —B4IN comment
  • "If we don’t turn to tolerating each other and adopt love and compassion and stop racism we’ll end up hitting a big brick wall. Islam must be eradicated." —B4IN comment
  • "I don’t say I’m Jesus, but I’m still Jesus because that’s how he’ll return says the Bible; by hiding his face like a thief." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m Jesus and the Messiah because Jesus said that those who came in his name would all be false christs and one should not follow them." —B4IN comment

Down with the kids

Other birthers

  • "Orly Taitz, Phil Berg, Jerome Corsi, Joe Farrah, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mike Zullo, Donald Trump and all the others are guilty and must be on the paylist of Satan." —B4IN article
  • "Orly Taitz had a Kansas Obama "ballot challenge" courtcase but she didn't investigate Obama's past family while that went on there. That's treason because she passed the buck on that important thing." —B4IN article
  • "YOU GONNA GET RAPED" —image macro on a now-deleted B4IN article about Orly Taitz
  • "I was a bit too tough with Orly. I asked her to prove she knew Linda was a psyops. I even said she was probably a psyops working for Obama and that did it: [B4IN] blew up at me and went mad." —B4IN comment after B4IN told him to stop libelling Taitz
  • "[Orly Taitz] makes a lot of claims and she’s the one who can say whatever she wants not me." —B4IN comment
  • "I don't want to involve in any personal fight with Orly Taitz (I like Orly a lot) but I suspect she's harassing people at BIN by telling them Linda Joy Adams is a psyops, a cointel pro and an FBI mole. That's not nice." —B4IN article
  • "Orly made an article three days ago saying “Don’t believe anything Linda Joy Adams says.” Not very professional, Orly, because we say at BIN that we reporters must not attack each other. Calm it down pleez." —B4IN comment
  • "Birthers Blubbering Bumblers. Birthers’re All Ugly Stupid Garbage" —B4IN headline

Vampires, zombies, etc.

  • "7 billion people on earth are stupid ugly and evil because they’re satan’s hordes" —B4IN comment
  • "Those will be known among themselves by the key-message: “666 is no coincidence….” and others will be put to the test by that message. They can’t repeat it because it destroys their lord the Antichrist-Satan…Obama." —B4IN comment*
  • "Anybody who refuses to admit Obama’s the Antichrist, is marked by 666 and is a Kenyan – is a false christ and zombie." —B4IN comment
  • "Like Vampires they can act normally until forced to admit they’re dead." —B4IN comment
  • "The zombies can’t say Obama’s the Antichrist proven by 666 and a Kenyan." —B4IN comment
  • "Your idol Obama is Satan-in-Person i.e. Dracula the Antichrist." —B4IN comment
  • "Did you know you’d be a servant of Satan when you were a kid, already and that your destiny was to be a demon and a vampire like you are right now? Did you know this from already your youth?" —B4IN comment
  • "It seems homos are hell-bent on dying and dragging down as many as they can with them. Have you ever thought they could be zombies or vampires? They also have a death wish. They want to bite into people and kill them. Homos also want to kill people. And they hunt for victims just like vampires. Also vampires fight back against vampire-killers. I noticed that any article about homos get direct attacks from the homos. It’s like they felt they were in danger by us. I feel we’re like vampire-hunters. hahaha" —B4IN comment
  • "I don’t know how demons are technically disposed of. There was a film about that called “The Exorcist.” with Linda Blair and Max Von Sydow as the exorcist." —B4IN comment
  • "[…] you’re just making it up as you go along. No one told you this, you’re just cherrypicking pseudo-facts from Hollywood vampire-films you’ve seen and believed in." —B4IN comment
  • "Being a demon doesn’t mean your whole family are demons," —B4IN comment
  • "If I embraced [Christians] they'd want to make me one of theirs', just like vampires. That "kiss would kill me."" —B4IN article
  • "[username]’s like the servant in Dracula, who eats cockroaches and mumbles “It’s all gonna be allright, it’s all gonna be allright.” Stupid and ugly. [username], I bet you have moles on your nose like a witch. Right? You’re a witch, right? You seeth of evil. Like Satan." —B4IN comment
  • "Jesus was resurrected from the dead. That’s a VAMPIRE so go forke yourselves OK." —B4IN comment
  • "[T]he Antichrist is Satan and must be some being from outer space and come from some other planet. He’s a zombie. Fact." —B4IN comment
  • "What’s the problem between God and aliens? I don’t believe in either, I’m Buddhist of Tibetan Tantrism and have own deities and spirits etc…." —B4IN comment
  • "There’s one last thing you demons can do: screeeeeeeeeam your last yell. Your last sound. Possessed damned souls." —B4IN comment
  • "Pictorial Obama-Frankenstein Scars – Was Obama’s Head Sawed off? Video" —B4IN headline
  • "Obama’s face looks all sewn up by surgery. […] We can’t have a Commander-in-Chief who could faint or blow a gasket inside his brain vessels during a nuclear war when his decision to push the button OR NOT is vital." —B4IN article
  • "I don’t want to he be the King of the dwarfs of the Hobbits in Lord of the Rings." —B4IN comment

Metaphor corner

  • "People dissolved like sand between my fingers whenever I showed them the pics of the 666 lottery draw in the newspaper" —B4IN comment
  • "But the baby will be thrown down the drain with the bathwater hook, line and sinker." —B4IN comment
  • "I think Obama’ll fit into defeat like a used shoe." —B4IN comment
  • "he’s like a sitting duck / dead in the water / he’s like sitting a glass house" —B4IN comment
  • "Using a black man to do your agenda. Then you’ll throw him away like a tissue because he’s the Antichrist." —B4IN comment
  • "Obama’s just withering away and falling down in his shadow, like a controlled building-demolition." —B4IN comment
  • "Obama's the poison that'll clean out the system. He's the acid that'll burn out the toilet bowl and tubes and make them clean." —B4IN article
  • "2 Anonymous fighting it out on the Comments is funny. It’s like two guys in wheelchairs fighting with their crutches." —B4IN comment
  • "The Revelation’s like a tsunami. First it rises a little and you think it’s still OK, but it rises more as you watch it come up." —B4IN comment
  • [on Linda Joy Adams being the cousin of the antichrist:] "it’s possible for a lineage to be evil but not probable. If you take the film with Robert DeNiro and Robert Duval about two brothers in Sicily one of them became a cardinal in the Vatican and the other was a Mafia gangster in Sicily." —B4IN comment
  • "We only have one way out and that’s by heaven because down here on earth things have clogged up like a clogged-up toilet and we’re the next going down the tube." —B4IN comment
  • "Actually the anus isn’t the same as a garbage can, I take that back, a garbage can is far less dangerous than an anus." —B4IN comment
  • "This is just like revealing a cancer or else digging up moles from the ground and rotting them out like evil." —B4IN comment
  • "People are like demons and/or like Dobermans who can’t be talked to. You have to use a big dogcatcher’s net or a hooked pole." —B4IN article
  • "The Bible can yield correct prophecy even if i’m Buddhist. If I eat chicken it doesn’t mean I roost in the hen-house." —B4IN comment
  • "You people shouldn’t look at the finger pointing to the moon." —B4IN comment
  • "Was the kechup bottle the most powerful man in the world like Obama? Flies go mostly on f*ces" —Twitter
  • "It’s like a tribal people who haven’t been out of their jungle for years and years and have never seen the modern world. These tribal Christians have got a road being built through their terrirtory by me, an engineer. They go to see me and say they have a prophecy that a man will come who will build a road and clear out the trees. I tell them I’m not that man. But they repeat to me that that’s what their prophecy says. I tell them I don’t give a damn about them and I’ll build the road whether I’m their prophet or not." —B4IN comment
  • "To get purified gold you pound it and we’re poundiing the US Justice System to smithereens." —B4IN comment
  • "The birthers are like a plague of Egypt descending on Washington. They’re like crickets hailing down like rain." —B4IN comment
  • "Obama’s facing a big brick wall and heading straight at it at 50MPH. This is good news: we’re heading for a trainwreck […]" —B4IN article
  • "It’s funny to look at [other BIN users] drumming on about it like Energizer Bunnies stuck against a big brick wall that won’t come down. Losers go cry in your rooms." —B4IN comment*
  • "Somewhere up those many anuses you gays explore your way into, you run into the Lord Of Death and he claims you for himself. Was all that stench worth it?" —B4IN article
  • "Obama’s now backpedalling on the NSA to try to save the ship but that’ll just send his car over the cliff all the more so" —B4IN comment
  • "They emptied the safe of the Presidency and left us with the tab." —B4IN comment
  • "Page [view count] is at 666. Maybe an omen for Obama’s cultees." —B4IN comment
  • "They’re like dogs going back to their vomit and the vomit is their evil comments." —comment
  • "The sounds coming out of the Establishment are muted. But the patient’s getting unruly and is moaning in it’s sleep, ROFLMAO" B4IN comment
  • "“There’s something rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark and Washington”. (USA and Hamlet.)" —B4IN story

Internet law, the police, the FBI and the military

  • "Don’t play smart-ass because they have the means to trace you through your IP – and if it turns out you’re the same IP as one of the people who closed me down at Wikipedia, you’ll be in trouble with Wikipedia. They’ll fire you and cut off your pay-check from Wikipedia." —B4IN comment
  • "Obama's DNA can be picked up from the fast-foods he always makes photo-ops in. If they match, he's not the legal president and he can't be the Barack Obama he claims to be. And he must be presented before the Supreme Court for sentencing and executing, if they decide for that." B4IN article
  • "FBI: Find me at [address redacted]. I say Obama be executed by SCOTUS for high treason. Welcome to FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, DEA, Swat Team, Town Hall, Sheriff's Office etc…" B4IN article
  • "The FBI is on my side you dork" B4IN article
  • "You’re slandering. That’s eight months in jail. And 15 000 Euros fine." —B4IN comment
  • "If you try to pry into my personal life I’ll call the police on you. B4IN has been warned twice about your posts making personal data public." —B4IN comment
  • "When the Apocalypse has happened I’ll surely call the police and Interpol […] and I’ll get you investigated for your death threats and cybercrimes." —B4IN comment
  • "I’ll get arrested, Yes I think you’re right except it won’t be me but you." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m reporting you to Internet. You sound like a crazy." —B4IN comment
  • "Harrassing and threats are given one year in jail and 15 000$ fine." —B4IN comment
  • "I have the post saying you hacked my computer and that’s a crime with ten years in jail and $500 000 fine so you can do some studying in jail an even get diplomas if you like you’ll have loads of time/years in jail to enjoy and most inmates are blacks and homos like you too." —B4IN comment
  • "Yeah I think BIN’s onto this case. They’re good with computers so they can hack any time. They probably have zeroed in on him and his various accounts at BIN already thanks to my articles tow arn about this guy who’s a criminal." —B4IN comment
  • "Where are the FBI cars outside my house which I've been threatened with for weeks now? […] There's a Citroën grey car there but it looks a lot like the same one that's been there for six years now. If the FBI's fitted it with sensors, mikes and cameras, they're really invisible. And how come the neighbour uses the car? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" —epic B4IN post
  • "I’m telling a thing. Telling me that you’ve contacted the police to make me shut up is TOS-breach." —B4IN article
  • "Saying you contacted the police to give information about me, that’s a threat." —B4IN comment
  • "I made an article about [username]. It’s about the crime of hacking into computers. That carries a heavy jail time and heavy fine. That’s adding to revealing an address and putting one’s life at stake. Accumulated the two charges should be about ten to twelve years in jail." —B4IN comment
  • "I’ll get arrested? I think you could be getting big trouble with that kind of talk." —B4IN comment
  • "Printing an opponent’s name, address and information is forbidden, in order to harm them. (TOS)" —B4IN article
  • "You’re indicating in your posts what country I live in and that’s enough to have your post deleted for TOS breach." —B4IN article
  • "Claiming you have contacted the FBI is just harrassing." —B4IN comment
  • "Obama trolls have revealed my address online, snithched me to the police (and brag about it) and admitted hacking my computer. This level of stupid and ugly unseen since Nixon’s Watergate." —B4IN comment
  • "You’re monitored if I’m reporting you and you’ve made TOS breaks. You’re watched for sure. Happy? you’re on camera at FBI." —B4IN comment
  • "SCOTUS works for me and are my employees." —B4IN comment
  • "Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s monitoring this article so he can do a background check on your IP address. […] Joe, check [username's] IP address and where she’s writing from, thanks, she’s an ex-cop working in prisons as a custodian living underground in the dark." —B4IN comment
  • "Arpaio’s saying Obama’s a criminal. He’s scouting out who Obama’s accomplices and cronies are on Internet and Arpaio’s starting by you on this article. He’s reading this article. Wave to the camera you’re being filmed here on camera. You’re on file at Joe’s." —B4IN comment
  • "It’s good if Joe Arpaio monitors [username's] IP address because when Obama falls there’ll be no more law. Then it’ll be good to have the info. Check [username's] IP address." —B4IN comment
  • "Is it true cops are the most homo job?" —B4IN comment
  • "Cops have no IQ. Cops have no degrees. They’re illiterate ugly ignoramuses." —B4IN comment
  • "[…] you better stay hidden under the rock youi’re living under because you’ll get arrested at the airport wherever you go I guarantee I’m giving orders right now to trace you IP Address and get our name and address and have a warning about you at all borders airports and all ports of entry." —B4IN comment
  • "YOU know of a crime and you don’t report it to the cops. You’re complicit to a crime. I’ll get you locked up for fifty years to life." —B4IN comment
  • "Someone told me the FBI is monitoring this website." —B4IN comment
  • "It’s against the law to say that High Treason is not punishable. It is Punishable. It’ll be Punished! It MUST BE PUNISHED." —B4IN comment
  • "Why did you sell your soul to Satan? Why? Are you mad? Don’t you know that’s dangerous and you (YOU YOURSELF) get listed for doing that?" —B4IN comment
  • "You’re the one who said you had been to Irak, Afghanistan and Korea so that means you spent about ten years or more with men locked up in barracks sleeping on dorm beds for years and you’re not a homosexual having anal sex in the bunks with dorms of dozens of men with blacks and latino/Hispanics?" —B4IN comment
  • "They delete and we report you to the FBI once you refuse to cease and desist so it’s a group effort with three parts to it and three different groups working together (me, BIN and the feds – FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA and SWAT if you resist arrest – and the courts if you turn out be really intent on breaking the US law and go rogue on me and BIN).." —BIN comment
  • "I feel pity and compassion for you [username] because you did a sin and crime here on BeforeItsNews last time when you revealed my private information online and put my life at risk – and you were banned." —B4IN comment
  • "If you make threats like siccing the NSA on me, I’ll get you banned [username]. Also if you threaten other posters on this article. Harrassing is given one year’s jail and $50 000 in fine." —B4IN comment
  • "My house will be under surveillance. You Canadian criminals won’t get far. Be careful about making public threats. That’s harrassement and gets one year of jail." —B4IN comment
  • [My friends say] "You're just a nobody." But I say "What about respecting the law?" They say "Who cares? Who cares about the law!" I say "Hey, wait a minute, are you… are you a criminal yourself?" —Ustream TV, 1:34
  • "I’d like the names, dates, places of who says I’m a paedofiliac and that this be testified to. I’ve hired a Taiwanese lawyer from Paris and this is getting good." —B4IN article
  • "If you testify, we can throw this guy into jail and I’ll never work a day iin my life. I’m planning on asking for $150 million and I’ll share that with you if I win and you testify." —B4IN article
  • "I want to sue you (or who said that to you), in court about that. I’ve got a lawyer but I need you to testify in court to do the trial." —B4IN comment
  • "I study religion not law matters. It’s not my cup of tea." —B4IN comment
  • "I pity the Army because it’s sinful to do what they do and they’re evil people and they harm people when they leave their duty because they’re ugly and stupid people." —B4IN comment
  • "I’m sending a message to the FBI monitoring you here: “[username] works out of hatred and is an evil person. Thanks.”" —B4IN comment
  • "You know [username], you’ll get fined $ 50 000 and get one year in jail for threats like you just did by saying you know my address and IP address." —B4IN comment
  • "No, you’re threatening and if the law can get their hands on you you’ll lose your cop-job, you’ll do one year in prison (blacks in prison they’ll do anal sex on you and you’ll love that you homo) and be fined $15 000." —B4IN comment
  • "Most cops, if not all cops are ex-cons and criminals. To carry around a gun and run around and beat up people you have to be a criminal. Only criminals can work as cops." —B4IN comment


  • "It’s about anus replacement for old homosexuals reaching thier thirties. What’s obejctionable about that? Did I hit a raw nerve with you homosexuals." —B4IN comment
  • "It’s funny seeing the four posters here lining up to hush up the topic of anal replacement. Something to hide here guys? Don’t tell me you’re not homosexuals because otherwise you’d not be so alarmed by this article which is addressed to you." —B4IN comment
  • "Wow, you’re really offended aren’t you?" —B4IN comment
  • "I’m amused that what got you homosexuals so riled up was the anal replacements. […] talking about replaceing your homosexual anuses gets you red hot hopping mad." —B4IN comment
  • "The Apocalypse is not a concept I have in my world-view and I saw myself as “a Buddhist who’d just drop by the Christian web-sites and tell them Obama was the Antichrist and then slip off to pursue following my Buddhist destiny”." —B4IN article
  • "Jesus’ Second Coming Is Not Christian.How 666 Showed Up To Mark Obama (Video) This’ll Make The Christians Ballistic." —B4IN headline
  • "You’re so offended that I don’t respect Jesus and God. God doesn’t exist and jesus is a vampire. Happy?" —B4IN comments

Threats of death and violence

  • "This [username] is an Obot I suspect. So, go for him people. Someone should go get this guy and string up some rope over a limb down south." —B4IN comment
  • "Come and kill me seeing you Christians have killed millions and millions in the name of your holy Christianity in the past thousands of years so you’re as evil as can get and you can’t get any eviler than today" —B4IN comment
  • "Let's go out and bust this Antichrist Obama fast now before he falls totally; let's beat the crap out of him before he's gone so JOIN ME here now fast." — comment
  • "To deal with sick people ike you [username], we need sick methods. Like the SS. They’re needed to deal with very dangerous people like you." —B4IN comment
  • "Let’s go after these mothers. You know how to go after them right?" —B4IN comment
  • "He wasn’t clear who they’d kill; but the picture was clear enough. It meant that the information I was talking about was dynamite that was able to get people killed,…. be it Obama, my neighbor, me, or anyone claiming Obama was the Antichrist – or else everybody else could get killed in the world." —B4IN article
  • “I’m going to mess with you a lot [username]. I’m going to mess with you a lot. I’ll mess with you a lot.” —B4IN comment
  • "Let go of Obama, he’s the Antichrist and Satan. Throw him under the bus or there’ll be no heaven for you now." —B4IN comment
  • "If you don’t want to be here and post as a nobody why not just go roll over and die?" —B4IN comment
  • "They're slime. They say "are you racists?", you know? You know, you wanna smack 'em, you know." —Ustream TV
  • "A pervert like [username] is a disadvantage to Humanity; they can’t look at truth in the eyes. His kind must be eradicated from the world." —B4IN comment
  • "Obama can’t stop you. Potshot the black mother." —B4IN article
  • "Now’s the time to reveal Obama the Antichrist when he’s down and counting. Punch him on the back of the neck. Oops’s the Ultra-Leftist crybabies-losers are going to latch onto that wrestling-metaphor and say it’s a threat to Obama. I’ll not make wrestling metaphors seeing these effeminate Obama-losers don’t like manhandling and always cry for “MOMMA”. The queers don’t like to be punched and beaten up. Too bad, it’d have taught them what suffering means." —B4IN comment

His BIN friends

  • "[Username] don’t tell the loons on the comments to shut up. ROFLMAO This is their life. Trolling and quarrelling." —B4IN comment

Freudian slips

  • "This article’s turned into a homosexual mes’ club." —B4IN comment
  • "You homos get angry because you die 25-35 years eamrlier than heteros. That’s honestly our problem." —B4IN comment
  • "i predict Obama in jail by next manday latest" —blog comment, Aug 24 2009
  • "You all know Hillary and Obama are toast because of the birth certificate and Bill’s dick in that order." —BIN comment

Poetry corner

"you're a gay in a closet
come out and feel free
ok u're into excrement but why hide it?
sodomy's cool
excrement is clean now
use gloves and condoms
abomination's cleaner than
I don't want to be homophobic
the bible's the one that says things about sodomand gomorrah not me"
— an untitled poem from the imagination of Geir Smith

How to deal with death threats

How to spot an antichrist

666 was drawn three times in illinois in 2008, but millions of times all across the world. 666 came up countles of billions of times everywhere. Book pages #666, car speedometers reaching 666, etc… cars sputtering 666 times etc….street numbers # 666 etc…it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The correct way to search for the Antichrist is not to look for 666. First the Antichrist will rule the world says the Bible. So the first thing is to separate all the 7 billion people on earth and just keep those who are the world rulers.

When the world rulers are elected one keeps a look out for signs of heaven marking that person. If 666 crops up that can be the sign. "No one knows when the truth will come like ligtning hitting earth". "It'll also come by surprise like a thief at night". (both are Bible quotes) It's heaven which will surprise us by a miracle. It happened in the illoinois Lottery. It could have come from anywhere else as well. But it came by the lottery.

— Geir writing on some Orly Taitz fan page; the key is to select a world leader you don't like, and then look for the number "666" somewhere

Ustream presenting

  • "This wikidot, this wikidot thing is not me. I have not made this wikidot thing. This Geir Smith wikidot. That's a guy who criticises me who made that. That's somebody from Wikipedia who got very mad because I wanted to edit Obama's page to say that he was the antichrist. Heh heh, they got very mad at that because I say there's proof that he is the antichrist and they said and they said ohhhh they said they said "if you… if you continue to umm… if I can, uh what what was it they said… if you continue to say, if you continue to to to to say that err Obama's the antichrist or that oh-Obama is err or that the lottery makes Obama be the antichrist, we'll ban you." Heh heh. You know? They'll, they'll ban me. They said they'll ban me. Like, they're telling me what I have to think! Wikipedia is very strange people. Those people say you— we will not allow you to say something. Heh heh heh. You know? I mean Hitler, Hitler would've, Hitler would've fit in very will with those guys, will not allow you to say something. You know, freedom of speech [gestures at side of head] is not a concept which they've mastered." -UStream video
  • "I have friends here in France. I've been saying to them for four years that Obama has no birth certificate, and they say "Well, who cares?" They say "Who cares?" Well, I say "Well, if you had a car which was a stolen car, and er the police say, the police come to you and say er that your car is a stolen car so you cannot drive it, you, somebody stole your stolen car and you paid the money and you can't use it, you know, like er, there's a guy, there's a guy who bought this car, I saw it, I saw it on TV, there's a car, it's a stolen car, but the police said "keep the car until the real owner, er, claims it" but, er, the stolen car has been numbers, the numbers have been erased, so they can't contact the owner. And it's a very ordinary model so there's no way they can find the owner. So this guy has a car standing outside his, er, door, on the street. But the police say if you step into the car and drive, we'll arrest you. Ha ha ha!" So people say to me, so my friends say to me, "Well, who cares if Obama has a fake birth certificate", well I say - heh heh heh - "If you ever fake, if you're using a bir— fake birth certificate, well you'll end up in jail, cause anybody who's using, it's like having a stolen car, if you, if you use a fake birth certificate that's a felony, and if you do like Obama you take a bir— fake birth certificate and you put it on internet, that's also a felony. That means bark, er, you're using, that's a forgery, and you're broadcasting a forgery. Heh heh heh heh!" But they don't get it." —Ustream TV, 1:32
  • "Nobody has shown up and there are no viewers. I'm talking alone here. That article is so hard hitting, and everything I said is true, that they didn't dare show up. There are eight people reading the article right now. So they're just glued to the article. The article I wrote is, er, they're just glued to it. They're going, they're going to write comments over there but they don't want to be on my show. They don't want to be on my show! [types for 30 seconds] I'm becoming too successful. My articles are becoming very successful, and, err… they're becoming very successful because of my shows. So, uhh, that's why I got banned. They're trying to ban me, they're trying to, they're trying to limit, to limit my power because I'm getting too powerful." —UStream, 24:00
  • "Beforeitsnews told me that I may have been using too many links, sending too, sending comments with too many links. Maybe! Maybe, but, er, I've had a lot of, er, like, right now, right now I'm making this show here and all the people who come to the show have no names, no profiles, no articles. They're all [points to own head] nobodies, they're anonymous, they're no-lifes. These are, these are people who don't go to internet to gather, git, gather followers, these people don't have followers or friends! So sometimes I see these no-lifes who erm, who greet each other, they come on, they come to the comments on my articles or they come to the chat when I'm making my video. They say [funny voice] 'Oh, hi, er, Joe, er, Joe, er, John Doe.' Whoever is there, they say 'Oh, hi!' But these, they're nobodies who are saying hello to nobodies. These guys don't have any friends. They don't have any followers. They don't have any profiles. They don't have any, frr, web pages. They don't have anything! These are just nobodies who are saying 'hi' to each other! These are like, erm, nobodies who are saying 'hello' to another nobody. I'm the only real person on this, er, on on on my articles and on my videos. I have a personality. I have a voice. I have a face. I have, er, erm, in back of me I have a picture of the Kalachakra. I have, er, videos. I have articles. I have friends. I have followers. Heh heh heh heh! Nnh. So I talk to these people. So, it's, it's the problem, er, if there's a mole at beforeitsnews, yes, I'm sure there's a mole, actually I'm not sure there's a mole, I know there's a mole. I'm know there's a mole and I know who the mole is. But um, beforeitsnews, I've got some news for beforeitsnews. Beforeitsnews said that I may be using too many links in my comments, sometimes I send too many links in my comments. Sometimes I send comments with too many links. That's possible. It may be true." —UStream, 38:00
  • "I'm a famous person on internet. Errr, at BeforeItsNews. I'm famous at Wikipedia! [laughs] I'm famous for, for the fighting I've been doing. And, er, I don't think that, er, I don't think, er, nobody can say when the truth will explode. So I think something, something can happen. I think some event may happen. Something may happen in the news, it may be, erm, it may be, errr, oh oh, some, like, J Carney for example, J Carney, if, uh, J Carney breaks down for example." —UStream, 14:33

Mike Volin interview

  • "Actually, at beforeitsnews I am the most trolled and the most attacked, er, reporter of all beforeitnews. Hneh hneh. It's a joke among the people who work at beforeitsnews. They say well, you know, Geir, Geir is the, the champion, the, er, champion for having most Obots. Y'know the Obots just go wild in attacking me. And, er, I can't really figure it out because I don't see why they could say that, er, I'm not a good person and er they're defending this guy [edit?] Obama who basically um, basically his name is not Obama, right. He doesn't have a birth certificate. He can't prove his name is Obama. Right? And so [chuckle] it's just, I, I don't understand the mentality of somebody who spends their time trolling and attacking somebody 24 hours, 7 days a week. And they're, and they're not, like you said to me one time, why aren't the trolls, and why aren't the Obots, searching for the birth certificate? Why do we have to do this, I mean it's not our job, I'm not being paid to look for the birth certificate. So why do I have to do it?! Why aren't the Obots doing… why aren't the Obots searching for the birth certificate? Maybe because they're stupid! Maybe cuh-because they're, they're not, err, intelligent enough, t-to find it. Maybe they can't find it. [chuckles] Maybe that's their problem, they can't find the birth certificate! W-what do you think?" —blogtalkradio, 18:00
  • Mike Volin: "I'm not afraid to get behind the microphone. People call me all day long, I answer the phone, I talk like, like a human being to you, and er, I think it was—"
  • Geir Smith: [interrupting out of nowhere - is he reading the live chat?] "Jason— Jay—"
  • Mike Volin: [pause] "Go ahead."
  • Geir Smith: "Jason Swenton says 'Geir— Geir Smith, he's Jesus'."
  • Mike Volin: [quiet laugh] [cough] [awkward silence] "I heard that—"
  • Geir Smith: "These people— These are clowns! These guys are clowns!"
  • Mike Volin: "Well, [cough] I know you're brand new at this Obot and attack stuff, just keep moving because the truth is going to be coming out soon." —Mike Volin interview, 28:12
  • "I’ve been interviewed about what I’ve been writing at BeforeItsNews for years now. The interviewer [Mike Volin?] is a video and audio-producer who thinks Obama is the Antichrist and that 666 is the proof that asserts that. The video will be out shortly and distributed widely in TV, radio and Internet." —retracted BIN story, two days before his Volin interview

This website

  • "wikidot is a Wikipedia off shoot to riducule people. Lynching party style. Like lib hacks on TV" —Twitter
  • "And then afterwards go to the Wikidot. Go to the Wikidot article and edit that and say 'Er, Geir Smith was banned from Wikipedia for saying that Obama was the Antichrist and various other reasons, but, er…. the news is that we are, people are editing Wikipedia again. Just like Geir Smith was doing. So, er, you've made… fifteen pages on this website, Wikidot, making fun of Geir Smith. But… we've got news for you. Wikipedia is being edited again! And it's finished!' If you guys, so, you know, send them a message, tell those guys at Wikidot: 'Maybe you want to go and edit with us at Wikipedia! If you want to fight with us, why don't you come to Wikipedia and fight? If you guys really wanna fight with Geir Smith, go fight, you know. And we'll see, we'll see, er, if they're cowards or not." —UStream, 46:32
  • "Everything I write is noted and collected in a website which they openly vaunt to taunt me." —B4IN comment
  • "Why did they make a website especially to prevent the news of the lottery draw of 666 to get out? (They told me and they admitted that’s the real reason for the website.)" —B4IN article (… anyone?)
  • "They came to my personal email to warn me they’d monitor what I wrote on Internet and that they’d make a special website to smear and slander me at But the incredible thing is that the words they told me then, back in 2008 or 2009, they actually went through with. They faithfully monitored my posts throughout Internet (I’d like to request Team Trump to investigate how they did that. Did they put mics and moniroting devices on my computer etc… It looks like this was governement spying. This could be a major investigation like WIkileaks so I’d request Trump to send me his staff to find out what’s going on.) They set up the said wikidot website and they MAINTAINED IT TILL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re talking about severe mentally challenged people here. They did all this because I’m saying Obama’s the Antichrist. This is a case of the “lady protesting a bit too much”." —BIN in 2017 (this website was updated a total of three times in 2016)

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